Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hantar Boss...

Previously, at the KL Courts, I had to clock in at 8am. So I had to be at the office by 7.30am so that I could enjoy 30 minutes of breakfast before I start work at 8am sharp.
Now, Alhamdulillah, at my new place, the Firm is not too strict about clock in and clock out. As long as you are in early and complete your work, there is no clock in or out system. It is based on Trust and outcome.
This means I get to send the little Chempedak to school when the Bride has to leave early for her out-of-office programmes.
A few days ago, I had to send her to school. At the guard, I said:
Nak hantar Boss.
The guard nodded and looked behind my car. Then he had a shocked face as he could not see anyone behind. You see, the Chempedak was sitting obediently (which only happens in the morning when her engine is not up and running). The guard looked at me and I repeated again:
Nak hantar Boss
(This time pointing my fingers to the little Chempedak).
The guard looked down and then he saw a two year old Chempedak sitting down and smiling at him with a huge smile.
Oh Boss yang tu... okay jalan.
After that I asked her:
Cha, cha boss ke??
Cha Boss!!!
She said giggling to herself.
She repeated Cha Boss!!! until I parked my car.
Then I carried my boss to her school.
 *Cha Boss dengan beg boss*
 *Cha Boss depan opis school*
*Boss bukak kasut*
After filling up her attendance sheet, she was already so busy helping her teacher tear up some boxes. I quickly ran out.
It wasn’t that bad this time.
Last two weeks, she was wailing Dadddyyyy Daaaddddyyyyyy when I left.
Sebak jiwa...
Last week, she was happily running to her friends and I was the one almost in tears because I have to go to office and not play at that super fun school.
It’s much more fun picking her up from school than sending her.
But I’m just glad that I can do both now. J
Blog adjourned.

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