Monday, October 10, 2011

Looking For Tahi Lalat

Last night, I dreamt that my colleague gave me a simple but disorganised matter. All of the papers were everywhere and made the simple thing looked so complex. As I was reading through the file, I woke up.
Then I thought to myself, “Now, was that just a dream or did my colleague pass me that file?” I tried digging through my clouded and sleepy memory and concluded that yes, he must’ve given me the matter. But I just can’t seem to remember anything about that matter except that it’s disorganized. I went to sleep again.
Again, I dreamt about the matter again. But in that dream, as much as I wanted to get to my laptop to check my previous emails about that matter, I did not get the chance to check my laptop.
Then I woke up again. I thought even harder and I still can’t determine whether its real or just some mind games. I went back to sleep.
When I woke up this morning, then I realised that it was all just a dream.
Baru 4th week dah start mimpi kerja ke?
Last time, I use to dream hearing cases or arguing with my big boss about some petty stuff. The Bride would make fun of me mengiggau in the morning. Nakal.
This is probably the case of laughing-too-much-before-sleep.
You see, last night, as the Bride and I were chilling on the bed with little Chempedak, she was so busy and preoccupied in pulling up her pants to look for her Tahi Lalat (mole). So busy was she checking her legs for her Tahi Lalat. When she found it, she’d be jumping all over the bed so happy yelling “Tahi Lalat!! Tahi Lalat!!”
Mind you, her voice is super loud. It’s like she has a built-in haler in her throat.
Then I asked her to show me her tahi lalat.
So she sat down again to look for it.
And she forgot which side her tahi lalat was. She couldn’t find it. I was already giggling to myself. I asked her to look at her other knee. As she was turning, she nearly fell from our bed. She managed to regain balance and still could not find her tahi lalat. I was covering my face with a pillow trying not to laugh too hard by now.
Then the Bride pointed at her tahi lalat.
She suddenly got all excited again and screamed:
Somehow, she felt that Daddy Lalat was more amusing and decided to stick to that instead.
Adoi... I was laughing non-stop for a few minutes last night.
Maybe that was why I had such a weird dream. Or maybe not.
But Daddy Lalat was just classic.
*Chempedak in her dinasour egg shell*
Blog adjourned. 

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Rin said...

Hahahaha! Begitu meriah sblm tido..?