Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Polis Trafik ke Samseng Jalanan???

Lain kali berhenti la bagi VIP lalu!!!
Aku lempang kang!
And not only that, he went on to bang my side mirror a few times.
Some of you might have heard but for those who are still clueless, those rude remarks were uttered to me and the Bride and the aggressive as well as hooligan act which followed were from one lance corporal who was an outrider for a vip entourage in Kuala Lumpur.
The Bride wrote her piece of mind of what happened here. I recommend you to read it first before you continue this post.
Go on.
Click it and read her post first.
Now that you know the incident, let me continue.
The next day, I managed to draft a two page police report in BM. I went to one  police station (yes, now you can make a police report in any station) and I was told that the report is now pending on that lance corporal head.
I was so shocked at what he said, threatened and did to me and the Bride.
You know, what really hurt me was because I have a soft spot for the Kuala Lumpur Who the hell does he think he is to threaten to slap me, calling me stupid and bodoh, and hit my car?
It was 11.15pm, it was drizzling, I was not obstructing traffic neither did I commit any traffic offence.
Assuming that I did commit a traffic offence, the least he could have done was to give me a summon. He had no right whatsoever to yell at me, to raise his hand as though he wanted to slap me and then banged my side mirror not did he had the right to call me stupid and bodoh.
Dia ingat dia siapa nak buat perangai samseng and road bully?
Dia ingat dengan bawa motosikal polis, baju dan lencana polis, dia boleh buat suka hati dia. Dia tak sedar yang sebenarnya dia memalukan pakaian seragam yang dia pakai dan merosakkan nama Polis DiRaja Malaysia.
Selamber hati dia nak maki orang and ugut nak lempang. Dia lupa ke dia Lans Koperal? Dia bukannya anggota kongsi gelap!!!
Yang buat sakit hati sangat-sangat was because I was a Traffic Magistrate in Kuala Lumpur back in 2008 for almost half a year. During that short stint, day in and day out, I heard traffic cases and I acknowledge that the majority of them are good police officers (though their image is most often tarnished by the accusation of bribery but that’s a totally different story for this post). In fact, I actually have high respect for KL traffic police but this lance corporal is most certainly a shame and a disgrace to the entire traffic police force.
Right now, I was told that an internal inquiry has been initiated to investigate this matter. He also has a police report hovering on his head.
This Lance Corporal needs to be taught some police ethics and learn how to be a professional police officer instead of a gangster and a road bully.
I am waiting for the result of the police inquiry and my police report before I decide if I need to write a complaint letter to the Ketua Trafik Kuala Lumpur and to copy the letter to the Lembaga Disiplin Polis.
As for now, the Bride and I are expecting an apology from him.
If you have any ideas / suggestions / history, feel free to share it here.
Bloody hell, spoil habis mood kitorang for a few days.
 Blog adjourned.

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Aidahs said...

owhhhh.. now faham.. well, blom pernah terjadi terhadap aku,(semoga tidak) but now i know i have my rights if such incident occur.


Unknown said...

Quite similar incident happened but luckily not happened directly to me... near the Istana Negara...on that time I was in the bus, went to work...I've heard the police yelled by using these nasty words through the microphone @ something like that...For me this is really unaccepted behaviour and irritate me