Sunday, October 30, 2011

Jack Of All Trades, "Masters In Islamic Finance".

*My strength and support... couldn't have done it without her :)*
It feels like it was just last week that I was going all out to encourage one of my best buddy (who is also known as "The Professional Student" amidst our group) to pursue the Chartered Islamic Finance Professional (CIFP) at the International Centre For Education In Islamic Finance (INCEIF). In fact, this happened about two years ago at Rasta TTDI. Suffice to say that it didn't take much effort to encourage a Professional Student to continue studying even after he has in is CV a degree from Southampton University and a Masters from London School of Economics. (See the reason why we all call him "the Professional Student"? He never seems to stop...)
Coincidentally, my lovely cousin, who was influenced by my father, also enrolled for CIFP together with the Professional Student.
In their first semester, they then tagged team, threatened me with my life at gun point, and forced me to enrol for CIFP as well.
My father also wanted me to do the CIFP.
I was attached to the Big Boss’ office at that time. Naturally, I consulted the Big Boss, a number of judges as well as the then Chief Registrar for their advice. All of them thought it was a great idea particularly when Bank Negara was giving a no-bond-scholarship with monthly allowance for 12 months.
Considering that CIFP is an equivalent of a Masters Degree (hence the title of this post hehehe), I decided to take up the challenge. Made some calls and arranged for some scheme for the Judicial Service. Alhamdulillah, I managed to secure 2 spots for Judicial Officers to get the BNM Scholarship. The info was emailed to all officers. Only 1 accepted the challenge and at the last minute since no one else wanted to do so, I took the second spot. Actually, I knew that if there was another candidate, I'd be able to secure a third place for me. But since there were no other takers, I just took the second spot.
Come January 2010, I got my sabbatical leave and became an INCEIF's student. 14 subjects in total within 1 year. INCEIF cramped our little brain, soul and body with so many Islamic Finance infor that even my sweat smelled like Islamic Finance.
The environment was like in UIA where you get to feel as though you are in a blessed environment amongst pursuers of knowledge. I super respect the teachers and staff here. These guys know what their teaching and doing man. They are a bunch of super funny people but no joke about their academic standards. Memang terbaik!
Alhamdulillah, I managed to finish all 14 subjects within the prescribed period. As for the practical aspect of CIFP, my senior and I were posted as the Deputy Registrar and Senior Assistant Registrar of the Muamalat Court. This colleague and senior of mine is one kind of a super hardworking lady. Not only has she been one of the most hardworking, helpful and intelligent classmates, she was also the most efficient and marvellous colleague to work with. May Allah bless her.
We managed to prepare our Articleship report just 2 weeks upon completion of our 6 months practical. This enabled us to graduate together with our seniors (which includes the Professional Student and my cousin).
*A happy graduate :)*
Alhamdulillah, on 15th October 2011, we had our convocation as CIFP graduates (together with Masters and PhD in Islamic Finance) at the INCEIF’s 3rd Convocation. It was held the oh so beautiful Sasana Kijang. Lawa sangat. Bank Negara's Governor, who is also INCEIF's Chancellor gave out the scroll to us with Mr. Daud Vicary, the CEO of INCEIF, witnessing the ceremony.
 *The Professional Student*
*My Cousin :)*
Since my father is also an academician at INCEIF, he was also in his robe and funny hat. He sat on the stage together with other lecturers and invited guests. After receiving the scroll, I stopped in front of him and knelt to shake his hand. Thank God my hat didn’t drop on the stage. Hehehe.
After the ceremony, I persuaded him to wear his robe and hat again for some photos. Barula best nak amik gambar :)
So now, I am officially a CIFP graduate.
I hope within the next few years the door to take up a PhD would open and the circumstances would permit me to upgrade my knowledge.
For now, I'm just glad that I'm a CIFP graduate :)
Blog adjourned. 

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Akhi, i have a question to ask. What s the difference between this CIFP and the Master degree in Islamic Finance ??

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Alsalam alikwm

Akhi i have question to ask.
What s the difference between this CIFP and Master in Finance?

I am currently accounting bachelor student, which one of the above u advise me to further my study at? And why?

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