Friday, February 15, 2013

Last Day At The Firm

Hello Everybody,

How have you been doing lately?

Well, my morning started with a quick trip to the dentist. My filling came off and I had to tell the Dentist the 'hole' story. He did a great job. I have a nice feeling about this filling. haha.

Oh, today marks the final day of my two months 'iddah with my firm. It has been a great 1.5 years here. (Oh, I better edit my profile on this blog).

Usually, those who are leaving would write a very lengthy email to the firm thanking everyone they can remember. Initially, I thought of doing the same but then I realised that I might miss some really important friends who might be extremely sensitive. So I drafted a short and simple farewell email. Below was my email that I sent yesterday:

Dear all,
Gong Xi Fa Chai to those who are celebrating Chinese New Year.

This Friday marks my last day at Skrine.

I have enjoyed my tenure here and appreciate having the opportunity to work with you all. Thank you for the support, guidance and encouragement you all have provided me throughout my stint here.

I can’t write much more because my laptop’s monitor is getting fuzzy and its keyboard is starting to emit random drops of salty water. *MISD!!! HELP PLEASE!!!!

I wish everyone and the firm all the best and continued success. Do keep in touch. My personal email is


*MISD is our IT Department.

I will be having a 2 weeks break before I start at the new office. This 2 weeks will be utilised to complete two of my assignments for my PhD classes.

Allrighty, its time to send the laptop back to MISD and to clear my room. 

Having your last day on a Friday just lights up your weekend really bright. *Now where di i put sunglasses? Oh I don't need one, I have a transition lense* WAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!

Blog adjourned. 

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