Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Pouty One

Last week, the. Bride and I went for her now weekly check-up. To be honest, I wasn't quite keen to go for this check-up as we had just been to the hospital a few days back for a false alarm check-up but the Doc-who-whispers was not there, only the mid-wife. The scheduled check-up was with the Doc-who-whispers.

(Doc-who-whispers is the Bride's new gynie who speaks ever so softly and is super calm. A friend of mine says that he feels that the Doc-who-whispers speaks to herself at times)

Remember I told you all in the previous post that Dot 2 never wants to show his face? Guess what? This time he wanted to make Daddy feel that the chec-up was worthwhile and showed his pouty sleeping face.
The Pouty One... dalam perut pun dah ada character... hehehe

Oh, I am also pleased to introduce a new layout for In My Chambers courtesy of the Bride aka the IT Engineer.


(Harap-harap email invoice dia masuk ke Junk Mail hehehe)

Blog adjourned.

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