Sunday, June 29, 2008

Morning Sickness??

Literally... Yes, Technically... Nope. Yes, I’ve been having morning sickness the past one month and nope the Bride is not pregnant (yet??). Uncomfortable tummy every morning got me slightly worried. After doing some self examination, I tried some deworm and some bacteria tablets. That helped increase my appetite but there were still the occasional (probably most morning) that I emit some bile juice here and there.

Then I Jangkit the Bride’s powerful flu. Went to the doctor and apart from giving medicine for the flu, he confirmed that the bile juice is the result of too much phlegm... Probably due to extensive cuddling with The Bride’s handsome cat, Sir Romeo Dearhart… (Truly handsome he is. with no balls and fluffy fur.) Such a pity… We were getting along pretty fine.

Now I have about two weeks supply of medicine… darn it… oh well, I hope my sins can be washed away together with the germs/ virus in my body…

Oh oh! Have to go now. 1 meeting and an engagement to be attended this morning.

Time flies… you can never get it done!! (Get it?? Ahaks… try timing how fast a fly can fly) on second thought, a fly is probably the laziest word ever invented for a creature in English.

“Bzzzzzz… Bzzzzz….”

“What’s that flying thing?”

“I don’t know.”

“Get away from my food you flying creature!!!”

“It’s flying right? Let’s call it a fly”

“Great idea!!! Who would have thought of such an ironic name for this flying creature!!!”

Oh Well, Blog Adjourned!!

2 obiter dictum:

Anonymous said...

tuan majistret, dengan izin.

two_one said...

Mr. O: ok je... :)