Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Isra' Mi'raj- Some Thoughts

Isra' Mi'raj is a very historical day for the Muslims. There are so many things that Muslims do in their daily activity which relates to Isra' Mi'raj. Let's just look at some of the things here.

It was the night the Prophet SAW went to Masjid Al-Aqsa and was then ascended to the highest Heaven to meet the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.

The Tahiyyat recitation that we read was the beginning of the conversation between Allah SWT and the Prophet SAW. Such an important historical event and yet we recite it during tahiyyat as though it was just another simple zikr which doesn't evwn move our heart.

There, he recieved the direct command to perform the 50 obligatory prayers in a day. As he was descending back to earth, Prophet Moses AS met him and adviced him that 50 is too much for his ummah to comply. Prophet Moses AS asked him to gonand get a further discount or reduction on the number of obligatory prayers. The Prophet SAW went up again and got the discount but as he passed by Prophet Moses AS, again he was requested to seek further reduction. The Prophet SAW obliged and went back up again. This process was repeated until the number of prayers was reduced to 5 times a day.

Thus we have the 5 daily prayers command given directly to the Prophet SAW as a sign of mercy to us.

It was also the night the Prophet rode the Buraq, an animal which travels at super speed. The transport that was used by Prophet Abraham AS.

When the Prophet SAW told the people about Isra' Mi'raj the next day,  the first person to believe him was S. Abu Bakr RA when he said, "I hear and I believe". No questions was asked because his heart is filled with Iman to the Prophet SAW. Whatever the Prophet SAW said is the truth even if his cognitive mind cannot make any logical explanation of the command. Hence he was called As-Siddiq. As-Siddiq means "Given to always telling the truth" or "the one who affirms the truth".

There are many other hadith which tells us the kinds of punishment the Prophet SAW saw as he was descending up to the highest heavens, the Prophets that he met  at the gates of Heaven etc. I encourage you to go and read about these historical stories to boost your Iman.

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