Friday, June 27, 2008

Banyak Kerja?? Buat je lah!!!

Ooh! AaH! I have been keeping myself really busy lately. I just moved office and had to change my designation post. I was involved in the June 2008 transfer order. It’s not a promotion but merely a lateral transfer. I’m happy!! Bigger room, Courtroom attached and a whole load of shit in my new closet!!!

One of my many many problems is about the arrest warrant (Waran Tangkap). Whenever you get a ticket (summon) from the traffic police, you can see at the bottom of the summon there is a date fixed before the Magistrate of that locality. If you don’t pay your summon by a certain date, you will have to appear before the Magistrate to answer the charges meted against you. If you fail to make it on that day, an arrest warrant will be endorsed with your name on it. These arrest warrants enable the police to arrest you and make sure that you come to court. Understand the procedure so far?

Everyday, my court will get at least about 300 applications for the Court’s endorsed arrest warrant. Each warrant must be endorsed by a court’s seal and signed by the Magistrate or the Registrar. Then the details (such as the dates and the charge sheet number) must be filled up before it can be returned to the Police for them to go and catch the person named on the warrant. If this is done properly, the police can either put that chap in jail or release them on police bail. When the next date comes, the accused will have to come to court to answer the charges framed against him.

One of the problem is this. I had about 30,000 of arrest warrants not completed as of 2nd June 2008. It dated back to July 2007. Shit!!! When I started to probe into the reason for this crap, I finally knew the reason for such backlog. MALAS!!!! MALAS MALAS MALAS!!!!

“Ini bukan kerja saya”

“Bos dulu tak suruh pun buat benda ni”

“Saya tak berpendidikan tinggi dan saya juga tidak dihantar berkursus untuk buat benda ini. Jadi, macam mana saya nak tahu benda ni penting?”

“Saya dah cakap dah kat bos sebelum ni, dia tak ambil tindakan pun”

"Masa saya masuk sini, saya dapat 2 almari kerja backlog. Adil lah kalau bila saya keluar, saya tinggalkan backlog pada orang baru!" (Masalahnya kau tinggalkan 5-6 almari punye kerja!!!)

Wah, enjoy aku mengamuk and belasah semua alasan-alasan bodoh ni. All full of crap and Bullshit! Dah tahu tak boleh cope, carila solution nak settlekan problem. Bukannye selitkan semua kerja dalam almari!!!

Another problem is this. As of 2nd June 2008, I found, neatly stacked on one of the shelves, 28 inquest files, dating back to 2005, waiting for further actions. What the Hell??? Hello??? What was my predecessor doing with those 28 files?? Waiting for me to complete it??

Let me explain a little about inquest files. An inquest is an Inquiry conducted by the Magistrate to determine the cause of death of deceased who passed away suddenly. Should there be any reason to believe that there are any elements of foul play or criminal acts relating to the death, an inquest should be conducted. If there is already a criminal trial going on base on the death, an inquest is not required. What the Magistrate need to do is to READ THE FILE, and make a ruling whether there is a need for an inquest or not. That’s all!!! Klaau tak perlu buat inquest, kes selesai. Kalau perlu, Magistrate cume perlu bagi tarikh aje. Then bila tiba masa, you conductla inquest tu. APE SUSAH??

Can you imagine, (hypothetical case), after 3 years, a widow (who probably have married someone else and that someone else pun may have already died) who have just recovered from her first husband’s death, is required to be a witness for the deceased’s inquest? Why after 3 years?? Because the file was left in abeyance. Irresponsible? You tell me...

I completed all the necessary orders for all the 28 files within 17 days amidst all the other nagging problems, daily trials, summonses, sentencing, meetings, guest visits, courtesy calls, makan time and many other daily activities. So don't try to pull my leg with lame excuses...

Ni baru 2 problem… I think that’s enough for now.

Blog Adjourned!

1 obiter dictum:

WishingUponAstar said...

1st of all condratz for ur blog coz at last i know alittle bit what really happen in the malaysian's chamber.Since,in the movie or drama only show the judge or majistret ketuk the hammer only. I've question actually:

1st : i'v read a book, a biography actually about a judge in malaysia. Can't remember his name, he said he can't simply being with somebody, restricted relationship even he said he can't go to mamak or warung. Is it true? Very poor life the judge had.

2nd : Ur wife also being a bloger and comments some issue on politic, thus, is it whatever she wrote will affect u? since whenever some big issue happen the lawyer will korek all out the judge's relation and staments ets...

3rd : Not question but statement. Law words and phrases very hard to understand. No matter in english or malay!!! Berbelit. Such :

a) adalah tanah Kerajaan yang diberimilik oleh sesuatu
Negeri kepada Persekutuan bagi maksud-maksud
persekutuan, tanah yang diberimilik oleh sesuatu
Negeri kepada Persekutuan selepas pengambilan
paksa atau tanah berimilik yang diambil oleh
sesuatu Negeri daripada seorang tuan punya
persendirian dengan persetujuan untuk
Persekutuan, di bawah Perkara 83 Perlembagaan;

Simple words Plzzzzz!

Thank u.