Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"If You Cheat, I Can Do Better" Mentality

I got this from The Sun UK.


REVENGE is sweet for Net babes!

Shaming a love-rat boyfriend on the internet is all the rage with angry girlfriends.

Busty CostaCarta chose YouTube for her revenge, as we revealed. Kissing a male prostitute, she talks to camera and taunts her cheating boyfriend with the promise she's about to cheat too.

But she’s not the only woman posting videos to wind-up a man.

There’s an American who wants to get caught in the act to make her guy see green and a Grimsby girl who’s advertising for sex to get back at her bloke.

So cheating guys beware – you’re just a few clicks away from public humiliation!


What is happening to the world today? Is there no value in sex anymore? I thought the "I Can Do Better" mentality ought to be used in a "GOOD" way... I guess different people define "GOOD" differently...


Blog adjourned!

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