Sunday, September 7, 2008

The International Look

There was this one time when I went to the international café at my university. It was my first time there. I wanted to have Roti Naan. As I was ordering what I wanted, the waiter cum chef asked me:

“Are you international student brother?”

HAHAHA. I thought to myself, “I do have international looks!”

“Yes” was my reply to him. I was hoping that he would ask me where from and I could start my “My ancestors are Arab” international tale. However, things don’t always goes as planned. He said:

“Are you from Bangladesh?”


“No! No! My ancestors are from Yemen… Argh, Nevermind… 1 Roti Naan please… Thank you.”

Today, I was walking around in Petaling Street looking at all the cool stuff they had there.

(There is this spy gadget that you can use to hear conversation across the street. He said, “You boleh tengok orang cakap”. I said, “Mana boleh tengok orang cakap, mesti mau dengar orang cakap.” He said, “Tengok pun boleh!” When I looked closely, memang ada scope untuk nak mengintai di sebalik parabola yang Nampak macam satellite! Cool giler!)

As I was walking back towards my car, there was this Singh man who tapped my back. I turned around and he said, “Are you Nepalese?”

Alamak! Ape ni? Takda contoh Eurasian ke?? Tsk Tsk!
But its ok... the Bride thinks otherwise and that's all that matters...

Blog adjourned!

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