Friday, September 19, 2008

I've Been Poisoned??!

At times you wonder, what was it that you ate that could have caused all this pain in your tummy. Sometimes, you could figure it out and sometimes you just can’t. I hate it when the latter happens. It leaves a kind of unsolved mystery feeling in the air. The kind of feeling that you know would go away but it irks you every time you remember about it.

My whole household (except for my mom, dad and maid) is down with food poisoning. Twice have I had my iftar (break fast) all flushed down the toilet. Luckily my sahur (the pre-dawn meal) have been spared from the sound of my flush. I suspect that it was the 24 hour bug in the beginning. But after 24 hours and I was still having tummy cramps, I knew that whatever virus or bacteria that had attacked my tummy has caused my gastric to kick in. This was confirmed by my doctor.

Ohh, the agony!

I had to take medical leave today after not getting any sleep due to tummy cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, hunger pangs, and “touch and go” fever.
Call me a cry baby... I am...
Thank God for one of my bestmagistratebuddy cum chamber neighbor, he helped me clear up the new summons and to mention my cases. I am not the type of person who likes to postpone my cases. You can ask the many lawyers who were so bloody pissed off that I continued with their case before me, when they had fixed another (and I assume more expensive) case in other higher Court.

Sorryla braders and sisters… gua tak sengaja nak ponteng kerja bersebab hari ni…

Blog adjourned.

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