Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rambang Yaya!

My sister-in-law @yaya is already on her way to obtain her degree in you kay. It’ll be three years for her to complete it. The title is such because whenever she goes to buy buka puasa food, she would want everything that she sees. My mom calls this “I want it all” attitude as “rambang mata”. I’m innovated such term to suit her circumstances. So in my in-laws house, the “I want it all” attitude is now known as “Rambang Yaya”! Hahaha.
I’m not worried about her. Bijak kepala hotaknya. That’s why before she left, I told her:

Yaya, just do your usual stuff – succeed successfully!”

To which she smiled and gave me the mata sepet look…

I assumed that the Bride was going to leak that night at KLIA. I was wrong. She managed to hold it back and it looked effortless. But you can sense that deep down inside she had mixed feelings. On one hand she is excited and proud of yaya’s adventure and on the other hand, she just can’t imagine not having her around the house for three years. Both of them are really close to each other.

Timing pun not so good. It’s the last 10 nights of Ramadhan and I have to admit, I have not done much spiritually this year. It’s the most kemarau Ramadhan for me. I didn’t even manage to complete the Quran this year. I seriously have to learn to adjust my time and plan my buka puasa properly. Terawih pun ada yang miss. (Eke hem, admission to such omission is only sunah, and not an admission to major sins!)

With time being desperately constraint during Ramadhan and especially the last 10 nights, I may have loss some opportunity to do the stuff that I usually do when I was single AND have not managed to provide sufficient attention to my couple. This becomes even more apparent when I read the second line of her first paragraph in her most recent post.

Maklumlah, baru first time Ramadhan “berdua”… Kena pulak adik ipar pergi belayau bulan ni jugak…
Tapi Takper!!!

*sambil angkat tangan kanan macam gaya orang angkat sumpah dan type slow-slow pakai tangan kiri*
Saya akan cuba kurangkan “kesedihan kehilangan sementara adik” isteri saya and next year, Insya Allah I will do better for my Ramadhan!!!”
*sekarang tangan kanan tabik hormat pada langit*

I also would like to wish Yaya all the best and since you’re gonna be there in the you kay for Raya;

“Selamat Hari YAYA!!!”

Blog adjourned!

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