Sunday, October 19, 2008

Improving Our Traffic Investigation

OK readers… hear ye hear ye!

I have been selected to present a paper at the police force about traffic investigation sometime next month. So I am still compiling some points and issues which I think are relevant and useful.

Now I am sure most of you have met with some situation which requires you to be present at the traffic police station or you know of someone who has. If you happen to be acquainted with any of the two options above, you may have met or heard about the traffic investigating officer. I would like to know what happened. It does not matter which police station you went to. It could be in Timbuktu for that matter, it would still be relevant.

So please, write to me your stories, comments, suggestions which you think would be helpful for me to deliver a better lecture. The information that you have may help to improve traffic investigation in Malaysia!!!

Help me to help you!
HAHAHA, I sound like a politician already.

*please vote me, if I win, I will listen to your problems and TRY to help you and you will ONLY get to see my face again when the next election is just around the corner!*

Insincere people make me sick.

Blog adjourned!

4 obiter dictum:

Girl Behind A Shadow said...

Hi. I purposely went to see how you were doing on Pn Halilah's bench the other day. Hehe

odah. said...

you were in pn halilah's court? kenapa???? *blurr*

two_one said...

hida & odah : any feedback?

Girl Behind A Shadow said...

Emm..didn't get to observe you for long. Had to run for another matter. Next time, eh?