Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ubat Tekanan Jiwaku...

When you reach a certain level in any organization, most often you will not have too much time to check in minute detail the work of your subordinates. As you may have read in many of my previous posts, I was made a Magistrate about 4 months ago. Within 4 months, I have been hearing numerous cases morning and afternoon. You can ask the counsels appearing before me on how I would hold them to go on with their cases. I am not a person who allows for an adjournment not unless u want me to bising in your ears.

Bear in mind that I “inherited” most of the part heard cases in traffic court 1 and 2 when I was posted here. Now I am blamed for having too many part heard cases. Based on the statistics, it shows that I am not good at managing my Court. Mana boleh macam ni? The court was vacant for more than 6 months before I came in. How do you expect the statistics to show nice numbers if no one was disposing the cases? Even Houdini have limited capabilities, what more a novice Magistrate like me.

Tak cukup dengan tu, I was informed that one of my first few cases have been called up for revision. In that case, I remembered sentencing RM 20 and RM 50 for two traffic offences. See the level of leniency? That was only for the first two weeks I was struggling as an apprentice Magistrate. I would rather give low sentences until I can catch hold of the proper sentencing curve. I’d rather let the offender go with small fines until I master the art of sentencing and thus give higher sentences. Takkan baru masuk nak taram tinggi-tinggi? My sentences have since gone up. I was informed that some said this about me:

Ini Majistret sudah naik harga lah

So I am curious to read what the High Court Judge has to say about my very low sentence. It’s not like I knew who the offender was. I remembered reading the file before it was called for revision. I thought that the facts invited me to give a low sentence. So let’s just wait and see the outcome of the revision.

Finally, just now, I went to the library for some stuff. I went through the Common Law Journal Quarterly Law Review 2007 Volume 4 October – December and saw my article entitled “Arbitrator or Arbtraitor” published as the first article in that journal. My heart melted. This is the first time my legal article is published in a law journal. Rasa achievement gila wawee!! Pergh, puas hati aku bertungkus lumus draft, redraft, redraft, redraft before redrafting it again for the last time. Wah!!! *clap * clap * clap* *Hins Hins Hins* (hidung kembang kempis)….

I’ll post it up right after this. Memang ubat tekanan jiwaku…

Warning!!! There is no such thing as a short legal article. Read only if necessary… Hehehe.

Blog adjouned!

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Twiggy said...

congratulations love, you know i'm always proud of you :)

two_one said...

Twiggy: I have never in my life doubted it baby... :)