Saturday, November 8, 2008

King Kong The Mighty Turtle

Semalam kami pergi jalan-jalan. Konon-konon nak buat senaman. Saya beli aiskerim cokelat, dia beli tau foo fah. Sambil jalan sambil makan. Bahaya bila badan se slim macam ni buat senaman dan tak makan… nanti kami hilang…

The last time we went to the park, we didn’t even cross the gate. I said something stupid. She over reacted. We both lost our mood to walk. We weren’t married back then… :)

We even visited “King Kong”. King Kong is/was my turtle. Masa dia kecik dulu, dia suka makan and belasah semua turtle lain sampai diorang mati. Kesian diorang. King Kong jinak dengan saya. Saya suap dia makan setiap hari. Kalau campak je makanan pun dia makan jugak. Tapi nampak mesra sikit kalau suap dia makan.
He used to teman me when I was downstairs bergayut with the Bride. We were very close.

When he grew big, I lepaskan dia dekat lake dekat Kiara Park. His emails seem to suggest that he is happy there. I heard he’s got three girlfriends now. I am not sure if he had three girlfriends or has three girlfriends. I don’t mind. I don’t judge turtles.

Most of the time I don’t even judge humans. I leave the judging part at work only.

So here’s to King Kong!

Oh boy… my mind is so exhausted after completing one alasan penghakiman after full trial and another extension to some drug dependant ruling I plan to read out next week. I have not heard the matter yet but I have framed the body of the order. The body consist of what has transpired and the facts of the case. So there is no prejudice in this case.

I’m trying a new style for my current alasan penghakiman... I’m imitating Lord Denning’s style of writing a story in his judgments.

"It was a lovely day for picnic. Mr X and family was out...."

Hehehe... That's Lord Denning's style for one criminal case. If I am nt mistaken it was a death caused by a car accident case. The accused ran over the family having a picnic somewhere in England. I have yet to reach 20% of his creative style.

The Bride said my style sounds like Expose Mistik’s commentator. Hahaha… didn’t see that coming…

Blog adjourned.

2 obiter dictum:

Twiggy said...

king kong ooo king kong, hhahhahhaha. yes, i believe he is very happy in the big lake with all he lady turtles

Marliza Radzi said...

Lord Denning writes the best judgments. tak bosan membacanya.