Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Passion Is Yours!!!

Aidahs asked me what is so easy and what is difficult doing what I do now. I didn’t publish the comment because I wanted to answer that question in this post. This post is for you Aidahs!

In the beginning, it was certainly difficult for me. The procedures that I knew were only in theory. It only gave me slight confidence on the Bench. So I spent one month researching for more details. I had gastric attacks for the whole month which required the doctor to put a camera to see if I had any ulcers. Hahaha. Alhamdulillah no problem. I have a video of my stomach. You can see my esophagus, stomach and duodenum. The Bride was there. She was beside me the whole time. I got really high because of the painkiller. The doctor said that I should fall asleep but I was stronger than the dosage he gave me. So I was a very “happy” man that day. I can now say that the Bride knows me “inside out!”

Anyway, back to the story, I got to know my seniors and spent a lot of time learning from their experiences. I asked a lot and learned a lot. Some counsels who appeared before me were also helpful.

I also learned and practiced a lot of prayers and zikrs. Zikr means remembrance of God. If you remember Him, He will never forget you. I had that in my mind. I try to make it a point to read a three page compilation of hadiths by Imam Nawawi, Lauanzalna, the three Kull, ayatul Kursi, the ending of Al-Baqarah and many other Quranic verses daily.

Because of such effort in the first month, things got easier the following months. I have a whole stack of cases and procedures beside me. Every time something new is brought up before me, I would make sure I have the necessary law to back my rulings or decisions before I make them. I want to be sure that I do not err in law.

Credits MUST be given to my learned seniors for their knowledge, experience, wisdom, time and patience (amongst the many virtues that they have!). The Session Court Judge in charge of KL Subordinate Courts even held weekly meetings to help the new officers to be acquainted with the necessary stuff. That was awesome! Everyone was cooperative and helped each other out. I really felt accepted in the “criminal family”! Ahaks!

So the difficult part of the job is to master the procedures and the law and after that, everything will be easy.

The best catalyst to jump from “difficult” to “easy” phase is to have passion in what you do. I am very passionate about the law and I want to contribute in its development. When you are passionate in doing something, you’d be surprise at its result. Use passion as a motivation.

The Passion Is Yours!!!
*Nada Captain Planet*

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1 obiter dictum:

Aidahs said...

reason why i asked.. because my former boss, the father was a magistrate-late 70's, he told me that everytime ayah dia nak buat keputusan atas sesuatu hukuman. Adalah agak sukar.. especially bila hukuman tu melibatkan nyawa.. hohohooo..

I was not even concentrating masa dia cerita tu.. so bila Tuan Adam dah jadi magistrate.. it made me triggered of the story la kan.. ianya menjadi persoalan bagi saya.. dah pon terjawab..

Tenkiu Tuan...

PS: Jangan lupa ustazah siti fatimah kesayangan awak okeh.. hahahhahaaa....