Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Till Death Do Us Part

Yesterday I met one anti drugs agency officer. I asked her what she thinks about my “style” of handling junkies when I give my order. She said that it will be a waste knowing that I will no longer be doing it as things always gets “panas” when it is my turn.

“Panas” in the sense that I won’t let these junkies go off easily if the recommendation is for police supervision. I would make sure that they practically beg for them to be allowed for police supervision before I make my order.

Apparently, last week, I asked one junky to apologise and swear to his mother (who was ill and could not stand) that he will not take any drugs again. His brother was there. When the anti drugs agency officer went out of the Courtroom, she met the brother outside. As they were talking, the brother told her that he was very happy that the Magistrate is considerate enough to do what he does.

“Orang tua cakap takde maknenye. Kena Tuan macam tu cakap baru ada kesedaran sikit kat budak tuh.”

The anti drugs agency officer told him that it was usual of me to make these junkies “earn” their order.

She even brought two car loads of officers the other day to witness the “drama” in my Court.

I’m gonna miss the junkies… they can be real fun!

*with his hands showing the good sign*

You can just imagine how hard I was laughing on the Bench. Siape boleh control beb!!! Muke confident kaw kaw punyer… HAHAHAHA!!! In the end, he was sent to undergo rehab. Only a few years gap between his last rehab… kesian…

I know it’s not easy to kick the habit. I struggled like hell with my Red Marlboro. What more with drugs. Some are even willing to kick the bucket when caught again and again. One junky that I know did just. He hung himself. A very very “brave” but stupid act. A shortcut to quit taking drugs.

Memang berhenti betul-betul… berhenti sampai mati…

Blog adjourned.

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Aidahs said...

aku boleh membayangkan rupa manusia tu bila sebut begitu.. hahhaha.. yeah.. its funny..

JaseMario said...

Adam.. ko dah berenti merokok ke? Bila ianya berlaku?

two_one said...

Aidahs: memang kelakar
Jasemario: February 2008... i tulis dekat "Are You A Quitter" kalau tak silap... :)