Thursday, December 11, 2008



I have just realized that the word “accept” is actually pronounced as “ak sept” and not “ass sept”. The phonetics discussion was prompted by Diaz_one, my kamcheng senior. It was quite shocking that there was no phonetics for “accept” in our dictionary but I managed to get it on (my most reliable online dictionary!). We had quite a good laugh when I had to admit that I had been wrong pronouncing “accept” wrongly for the past 2 decades.

(Mental Note: must now pronounce “accept” as “ak sept”).

Have you ever realized something and get that cold sweat on your forehead or some tingling sensation in your tummy? It depends on what you have just realized of course. If you realized that you forgot to go to the loo when you’re already stuck in traffic, the cold sweat on the forehead would apply. If you realized that you’re going home to a nice nasi mendy with mutton all over your plate, the tingling sensation in your tummy would apply.

Well, those two effects of realization are certainly not exhaustive. Bottom line is that each realization that we get will generate a different reaction. That reaction will determine if we get embarrassed or not. Sometimes we may blush, cry, menggelabah tak menentu, laugh, feel fear, anger, sadness etc.

The most hardest (Waa, sudah pakai most ada tambah hardest lagi... hehehe) thing to do is to be able to control your reaction when you realized something. I don’t usually get to do that. Most of the time I manage to control the damage by covering up such reaction by accepting it naturally. I realized that if I accept my natural reaction to any realization, I get to control the consequence even better.

If you feel fear, accept it and you will know how to react to that reaction. You mind will understand that you feel fear and would allow you to think of the next best step, whether to face it or ignore or to just run for your life.

Get it?


Too bad… Blog adjourned.

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