Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Well Written (or Typed)!

Have you ever read a well written document? It’s like the author is speaking to you as you read. If you have any questions, the article will answer it for you before you get the chance to ask. Many of which do not contain bombastic languages. Most have short sentences. Good writers can summarize complicated facts in such a way that you don’t have to re-read it to understand the subject matter.

The Bride said that I like to write long winded phrases. Yup, she is right. But I do so after having the general rule of writing short phrases in my mind! Imagine how much longer it would be if I did not limit my sentences! Hehehe.

I have had the glorious occasion of meeting very experience judges and counsels before. Each time I meet someone, I would make sure that I have benefitted something from them. Otto Von Bismark (1815-1898) once said:

“Fools say that they learn by experience. I prefer to profit by other’s experience!”

In one of my many meetings, I asked one particular judge how he wrote his judgments. His answer got us both laughing but if you analyze it, it is filled with much wisdom.

He said that his English is poor, so he can only use simple language.

To me, he was just being modest. I have read his writings and it does not mirror that his English is poor. Instead, I feel that he has such a good command of the language that his judgments become alive. You understand what he wants to say and everything is succinctly relevant.

He said that priority is very important. One must prioritize the important points and eliminate irrelevant flowery words. Go straight to the point. Make sure the main points begin on a different sentence. It would give more emphasis to what we want to establish. Good management skills will help in writing good judgments.

It could also be ethnic upbringing. My personal and general observation tends to show that Chinese are very economical with words whilst Indians may be too generous. Malays, they like to be diplomatic with the choice of words. This I believe, also influence one’s way of thinking and writing. (No, this observation is not base upon any through research and is just a simple racial comparison.)

Do you have any additional points?

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If I am not mistaken, this is my 100th post for In My Chambers... Whoopy!

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Anonymous said...

betul la tu..yg pentingnya point tu smpi..konsep sy menulis submission adalah supaya pembacanya (Tuan/Puan/YA) dpt point dgn mudah & tidak sgt tertekan membacanya..x kesahla kalah kes pun (kdg2 mmg ada kes yg x brapa kuat tp client degil sgt dan x dgr advise..)hm, fyi hr ni last day jd lawyer..pasni dah jd legal exec lak..ahaks!