Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Generous Fool

Kiss Kiss is no longer with us anymore. The Bride suspect it is due to a terrible diarrhea. I think so myself. The only possibility for her to have suffered from such illness is because I generously fed her with ¼ of grape, some corns and a cinonet piece of a banana in about 2-3 days. I had too much hope in training them and wanted to “reward” them. In order to reward them, I wanted to know what kind of tit bit they like. I guess it didn’t turn out as expected.

Pitong got it too but he recovered.

Kiss Kiss didn’t.

After lying weakly for about a whole day we took her to the vet. The vet gave her some supplementary vitamin jab and had some water inserted through her back because of dehydration. When we got back, she was placed in her plastic box with lots of tissue paper. One small spotlight was placed beside her box to keep her warm. Her plastic box was covered with some cloth so that she would not be too hot inside.

A few hours after that, she didn’t manage to hold on.

This New Year didn’t start as happy as I had planned it to be. It seems like everything that I had planned failed.

Just as I thought I would not be burned in hell for some stupid stuff, I facilitated my new companion to meet the Maker.

Even after many years of observation, I still fail to manage the invincible balance.

How fu*ked up can things end?

This is certainly the worse ending I could have ever expected from a very successful year.

I hope your New Year is on a happier note and I wish you many happy returns!

Blog adjourned!

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