Saturday, January 31, 2009

Italian DOT

Guess what?

DOT is now 7 weeks old!

Ada sedikit panic attack last week as there was some spotting. Another panic attack as the spotting came back a few days ago. It is now fulltime bed rest for the Bride. I am glad that she is getting all the manja treatment she needs. It has been a traumatizing week for us… Luckily the Bride is allright and DOT is growing steadily. Within a week DOT grew 3 times ‘its’ size! Bravo to the Bride and DOT!

I have also realized that the Bride craves for Italian food. It has been macaroni, spaghetti, lasagna, pizza and some amazing ala-ala Italian dishes my mother would make for her. One Italian DOT coming right up! Nasib baik dia tak mengidam makanan hamster, kalau tidak, mengamuk Pitong berebut kuaci and jagung!

Luckily my mom loves to watch the food channel on Astro and she has the gift of the best inconsistently good general recipe. It is the Campak-Campak style!

What is Campak-Campak you ask?

It literally means what it is. My mom would watch a cooking show and go down and start to throw in the ingredients without having any accurate measurement. The end result would be delicious but it may not taste the same the second time she does it. The best part is that it will never be bad because she would constantly taste it to improve its taste. She just loves to cook (but despair the cleaning up process) and the Bride is her cheerful food taster. Their symbiosis relationship truly benefits DOT. One mom cooks, one mom-to-be eats and DOT absorbs the necessary. In the end, everybody and DOT are happy!

So to the Bride… Remember to always have a happy DOT and Thought!

Dot adjourned!

2 obiter dictum:

Malicious Mind said...

hi adam.. congratulation..father to be.. Don't worry about the spotting.its pretty normal in the first trimester.

Hope u and ur wife are well. take care

Marliza Radzi said...

spotting can be very scary. it happened to me and didn't end up good. huhuhu :(

anyways, congrats to you and the Bride! hopefully everything will be alright! :)