Friday, January 9, 2009

Youth 09

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Jom!! Semua dijemput hadir...
We're happy to announce that to start off this great new year, Young Muslim Project (YMP) is invited to participate in the, much talked about, YOUTH '09 event.
It's an amazing recognition and opportunity for us and insyaAllah (God Willing), it'll be one of the best ways for us to reach out to the youths, no matter what race, religion, nationality, color or social status.
The theme for our slot is "Unity for Humanity" as we'd like to highlight the plight of the people in Gaza and no matter if you're Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or of any faith whatsoever, we can all agree that humanity knows no boundaries.
Other than that, we'd also like to meet as many youths (age is where your heart is ;p) as possible, Muslims or of other faiths, so please come and join this event and support us.
The more the merrier :)
There'll be lotsa activities in store for you too so do come and check us out ya!Details are in the poster but you can also check out more info on our NEW blogsite!
Venue: PWTCDate: Sunday 11 January 2009
Time: 2 pm - 3 pm
Entry is FREE!
Entry is free, but it'd be better if you register so that you can get your FREE direct access PASS (no need to queue up!) that comes with lotsa goodies!So we suggest you guys register online first @
What is YOUTH '09?
It's Malaysia's Largest Youth Lifestyle Festival. Check out the website for more info.
Hope to see y'all on Sunday and please do bring your friends/siblings too ya! :D
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KbZb said...

Adam!!! congrats2 to the parents to be. Happy to read the news in ur bride's blog:)

two_one said...

KbZb! THANKS KB! bestkan feeling dia? hehehe