Sunday, March 1, 2009

RE ACT: Lakon Semula???

I read somewhere that Stephen R. Covey wrote something about 90%-10% principle. Apparently 10% of things that happens are beyond our control and we can control the other 90% as the 90% represents how we react to what happens to us. Please google it if you need more details. (Better yet, buy his book!)

Sometimes I feel if only other people would practice such principle but I realize not that I am the one who always react absurdly.

Unlike the Bride, I have not the immunity of over reacting under the blanket of being pregnant. Unlike Parliamentarians, I also do not have Parliament immunity which I can simply abuse and use to give some nice juicy meat for the media and gain appalling political mileage.

(Come to think of it, even the Bride does not use this privilege. As compared to other horrific stories, I am soooo glad that the Bride is sooo much easier to care for when she is pregnant. Thank you Love!)

In order to practice this 90%-10% rule, we really need patience and experience. Patience would determine that we don’t jump unnecessarily and helps us contain things so that it does not get over blown. Hence the reason the Prophet said that patience is half of faith.

In order to ensure that we react properly to a sudden scenario, we need time. Unfortunately, time is not a luxury when it comes to reaction. With patience, we can probably buy a little bit of time. For beginners, that small fraction of time can be used to stop yourself from reacting stupidly. Most importantly, we need experience. Having the appropriate experience in facing stressful circumstances would allow us to know how to react properly.

How many times have you reacted to something and later on regret that you did what you did and only wished that you were given the opportunity to react differently? I’ve lost track of my statistics. But after a while, if something similar were to happen again, I usually am able to improve slightly on my reaction. That improvement, given with sufficient experience will allow me to have a perfect reaction in the future.

But I can’t wait for the future. I need it now! Now when I am where I am and have the people that I love, care and serve around me constantly.

I need to go and get myself a time stopping device. Better yet, a pocket time machine. Silap cakap ajer boleh gostan and cakap benda lain.

Waah… lagi kuat lah aku memaki kalau ada pocket time machine ni… rosak rosak rosak!

Blog adjourned.

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Very wise words...;)