Monday, April 6, 2009

His Story

2008: His Story…

January: Got to open my cast… kaki kecut sebelah

February: Utilized one crutch for handicap perks

March: Went for induction course and national service for almost a month

April: Got married to the Bride; had an excellent honeymoon!

Mei: Last month being a Senior Assistant Registrar

June: Began my Magistrate duties

July: Got a some foreign object probing my stomach through my mouth

August: Went to Kuching with the Bride

September: First Ramadhan with the Bride

October: First Hari Raya with the Bride

November: Last few days as a Magistrate. Transferred way up high…

December: Bulls Eye! On the DOT!

I couldn’t have done it without His constant protection.
He gives me knowledge and teaches me wisdom through experience.
He pours love into me and gives me the opportunity to share it.
He is my strength and hides my weaknesses.
He reminds me to remember Him.
At times I question His wills, forgetting my place in His eyes.
My success belongs to Him.
My life belongs to Him.

He who adjourns…

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