Monday, April 6, 2009

Quality Time

I took two days off last week to spend some quality time with the Bride after a hectic March schedule. Those two days were indeed worth while. We went to Genting Highlands and had a blast time playing at the indoor theme park. Jalan-jalan dalam sejuk and even went to a magic show that night. And boy did we eat! We ate and ate and ate until the moment we closed our eyes. The first thing we did when we opened our eyes was also to find more food to eat.
The best part of it was that it was also my 1st year anniversary with the Bride...


Anyway, this morning, I had some free time. So I decided to stroll causally to one of the sitting Court of Appeal. Justice Gopal Sri Ram was chairing the panel. Whenever Justice Sri Ram is presiding, you would certainly learn something and that something is usually not the typical stuff you would get from any book.

One counsel stood and said Yang Arif, Yang Arif and Yang Arif. Justice Sri Ram said, “If there are nine judges here are you going to address each one of us? Just my Lords or Yang Arif-Yang Arif is enough”.
Betul jugak kan?

As I was there minding my own business, Justice Sri Ram noticed that I was at the public gallery and he kindly invited me (via one of the Deputy Registrar) to sit at the Registrar’s place even though I was wearing a green shirt and not in my black and white with a robe and bib. It was certainly an honour being invited up front so I toodled along with the Deputy Registrar and sat at the Registrar’s table and was given some paper for me to take down important points of law.

Justice Sri Ram gave two ex tempore (instant judgments) this morning. One was about malicious prosecution and abuse of court process in a civil suit.

The second case was a more interesting case. A horse jockey was charged for not riding his horse with full determination. According to the law, the trainer is also liable if the jockey is found guilty. These terms were incorporated into the trainer’s contract with his employer. When the jockey was found guilty, the trainer was also suspended for one year and had some other implications as well. The decision was brought to the High Court at KL and it was appealed to the Court of Appeal. Justice Sri Ram went back to the source of the problem, i.e. the contract between the trainer and his employer. In a nutshell, Justice Sri Ram held that the Court had no jurisdiction to interfere with a private contract between parties.

Court adjourned around noon so I then took my leave and went to lunch. Now I’m back in my room and completing the necessary stuff…

So that was how I celebrated my first year anniversary and what a way to kick away the Monday blues…

YeeE HaaA!

Blog adjourned!

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Twiggy said...

game katak best!!

Malicious Mind said...

you are so lucky!

I wanna see Gopal Sri Ram in action. when he was here one time, I was in a district court. :( / cuti.

hope you are well. :)