Friday, May 8, 2009

The Birthday Bride!


Today is the Bride’s birthday. It is her second birthday that we have celebrated together as a “suami dan isteri”. Ngeeehhh ngeh ngeh!

I had a hard time trying to hide her present yesterday. You see, I was driving my aunt’s car yesterday. I had to send it back to her that night with the Bride so I cannot have the present in the car when I go send the car. Coming back from the office, I went straight to the oh-so-wonderful 1 Utama to get a box for her new vintage Michael Jackson’s album collection. Trotting around 1 Utama with two bags full of shredded paper, I found my way to the shop and got her the box. It was then stuffed inside the boot of my aunt’s car.

Initially, she was supposed to go out with her mom to get food. I told her I was still at the office attending a last minute meeting. They then changed plans and decided to meet me at a restaurant for dinner. As I was heading home to hide the present in our room, (as she was suppose to have gone out to the restaurant waiting for me) she called saying that there is another change of plan and now everyone is waiting for me to come back home before heading for dinner.

So I got back home, and went for dinner with everyone and when we got back home, I waited for her to go to her room and said that I left some shoes in my aunt’s car which I better get before returning the car. The Bride was in our room at that time. I ran to get the box and as I was entering the house she suddenly came out full of energy saying, “LETS GO NOW!”

Aiyak! Luckily it was dark at the door, so I managed to chuck everything behind the sofa. Nasib baik she didn’t notice and it was there behind the sofa until the clock struck 12 when the presents were delivered to the surprised sleeping Bride.

Moral of the story:
Susah nak surprise kalau bini takmau lepas suami… hehehe

Hope you have a wonderful day today and may Allah shower you with his Blessings, Barakah and Rahmah!


Dot says to go ahead and have a good birthday this year. Insya Allah Dot will join your next birthday clinging to one of the milk bars!

Blog adjourned!

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Twiggy said...

awwww!! thank you love!!!! *big hugs*

Soraya said...

cool pressie!!