Friday, May 29, 2009

EFF YOU My Lord!

This apparently happened in court sometime ago. The name has been altered but the gist remains. In any event, I humbly apologise to Mr. / Ms. Fung Fei Hung as I picked your name from thin air.

Judge: Counsel, is your client’s name Fung Fei Hung?
Counsel: Yes, My Lord.
Judge: Is it spelled EFF OW ENN GEE (FONG)??
Counsel: No My Lord. EFF YOU (F U) My Lord…

Hmm.. Get it?

I read somewhere about being honest. Once there was a judge who was not liked by many. As he was walking with a counsel, someone whom the counsel knew threw an egg towards him. It fell short and missed the judge. The judge immediately asked:

Where did that egg come from?”

The honest lawyer replied:

“A hen My Lord.”


Another lame way to get your friend is to ask them to spell the abbreviation of “MINUTES”. Your friend will spell, M I N S to which you should confidently acknowledge it with much sincerity…

Friend: M I N S? (Am I An Ass?)
You: Yes indeed.

Ahh... The joy of catching people off guard...

Blog adjourned!

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