Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dad's Bench Mark(ed)

Earlier this month, my dad delivered a lecture regarding Islamic finance to the judges.

The whole idea started from a casual family dinner talk about how important of Islamic finance is and how it is going to affect Malaysian economy. (Sometimes my family dinner talk can be heavier than the meal itself.) Then I suggested to my dad to deliver a lecture to the judges so that they know the methodology of Islamic finance (and not make a confused decision!). He was more than happy to do so. So in order to make things transparent, Dad got INCEIF, his working place, to make a proposal to the Judiciary for a half day seminar with the judges. (Actually, as the Dean there, he prepared the entire proposal). I then forwarded that proposal to the Big Boss.

I didn't have to say much as the Big Boss agreed with the idea and the price INCEIF was charging. All system was on the way immediately. Dates were fixed. It was to be held on a Saturday as the Big Boss’ plan of continuing legal education for judges must be on a Saturday so that they do not postpone their cases unnecessarily.

Dad gave me his draft slides. About 80 slide altogether. As I went through it meticulously, he asked me why was I so thorough. I told him that my career depended on his talk as he is generally lecturing my bosses!

Alhamdulillah, everything turned out to be a great success. Dad was his usual interesting self and I heard some judges said that he is the best speaker the judges have had this year.

Much to my surprise, even the Big Boss gave a standing ovation and congratulated Dad as he was taking his seat after the lecture.

After the seminar I brought my dad to see my room. In the lift, I held his hand and said,

"Usually, this statement would come from the parent but today, I am going to say it to you... I am so proud of you!"

Nasib baik dua-dua sengih and takda yang menangis macam drama Hindustan! hehehe...

I pray that in the near future, I can deliver a talk as cool as he does. It's so casual, informative, funny and full of wisdom... I asked him once, how is it that he manages to simplify complicated stuff. He said would cater his talks in such a way that his mother would understand the subject matter. If she could understand it, everyone else could too.That was his benchmark. That benchmark got him to be so good that he could even lecture the Bench. In other words, Dad got the Bench Marked...

Cool way eh?

P.S: I just had my wisdom tooth removed this morning and am on a one day MC. Right now, I’m wondering if I could ever be wise without it...

To the Bride: Do not put your hand underneath my pillow tonight. I have a date with the Tooth Fairy! J

Blog adjourned.

Oh.. Apparently, at 33 weeks, Dot is now the size of a GROWN UP DUCK! Quack!


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Twiggy said...

so, did the tooth fairy come or were you stood up? hehehe..

two_one said...

She came, kissed me on my forehead and said that she is nothing compared to the angel sleeping beside me... I told her I have a couple more that the Dentist wants to cabut... she said kumpul semua baru panggil...

Haizul Azmi said...

Dengan izin Tuan,

Kindly find below my letter to yuor father:

I have always found your words of advice to be practical and deep meaning. They always seem to be utterly understated yet meaningful.

I can recall vividly how on the second week of Matriculation, you had advised Adam and I to attend University and do our best. However, what you said next has stuck with me ever since. You told us to "jadi orang/manusia pun cukup". Sir,over the years, I have been striving and trying my hardest to be an "orang" / manusia, but it is one of the hardest things to do. Every day, new challenges arise which inadvertently affects my ability to jadi orang/manusia. But I can promise that I endeavour to one day be able to call myself orang/manusia one day.

Thank you sir, for the things that I have picked up over the years throughout my friendship with your son.

Yours sincerely,
Haizul Azmi Dzulkafli

Yusoff said...

Seriously I didnt know at all that he is your father!? No wonder ... bapa borek anak rintek! Congrats n proud of u two! I believe very soon u can be a good natural speaker too.

It's good to know that u are the one initiated the talk. I think u should continue this kind of effort. May God bless u :)