Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dear Dot...

Dear Dot,

As I begin this message, you are a 7 months plus plus fetus in your mummy's tummy.

Yes. Mummy.

The one who has been carrying u all this time.You're nutricient supplier and future milk provider.

That tiny but strong woman who has been puking when she smells Felda's nangka and who had to go through the sickness of not being use to a foreign object (that's you by the way) growing from just a dot to a blot and a splat and forming into insya Allah, a beautiful you. One who has been superbly in control of her pregnancy conditions. The one who is growing bigger until her clothes fit no more. Yes, she is getting bigger in case you haven't noticed. Oh yeah I forgot, you weren't here yet when she was not pregnant with you.

That dark area you are in now... That's somewhere near HER belly. It's like your special Superman's fortress of solitude where you first tempel and would grow and grow and grow. The doctor said the fluid you are swimming in now is safe to drink. Go ahead. Knock yourself out. You only have a couple of months left to enjoy it.

If u ever feel bumpy, well, that's me not able to brake in time before the bump.

Who am I? Well, I'm your daddy... Yes. I'm married to your mummy. We live together with our parents i.e. your grandparents. I'm the one who has been tapping on mummy's tummy trying to communicate with you.

What is communicate you ask?

Macam borak-boraklah, but instead of a dialogue, I do the babling and you kick and punch as a reply to what I say. I tell other's its our secret code you and me have developed over the months. Just like when you kick at the spot where I suluh the torchlight, when you start your rave party as I read aloud when leading your mummy praying or when you bounce around thinking I was talking to you when I was actually chit chatting with mommy. Yes. That's me. Your daddy.

Too much to information to digest in your developing tiny brain? Well, I read that during this time, your brain is actually wrinkling because its getting bigger. Anyway, for the time being i think you should be just fine where you are and only knowing your sanctuary and who your mommy and daddy is.

Later I'll teach you how to get spoiled by your grandparents (mommy and daddy's mommy and daddy), mommy and daddy's family and most importantly mommy and daddy's siblings and friends. Currently, you probably have more stuff than you actually need ... All packed nicely and just waiting to be rasmikan by you.

Did you enjoy your baby shower a few days ago? I thought you did! That's your aunty yaya, lala, aliaa, chick's way of saying welcome. I'll tell you more about it some other time.

Till then... Have fun growing!!!
Daddy Dot
Dot adjourned.

4 obiter dictum:

Twiggy said...

Dot's going to have fun reading this one day... :)

Zaznuriah said...

So sweeeeet :) Your baby and wifey are so lucky!

Husna said...

SO cutttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

two_one said...

Hehehe... tengkiyu tengkiyu...
Zazooz: Actually, I am the lucky one to have them... :)