Sunday, July 5, 2009

Presenting... YMP's Knowledge and Arts Tour (Part 1/3)

Appearing for the first time in Malaysia, an award winning British 'urban spiritual' graffiti artist & 2 world renowned speakers will inspire & have you experience Islam like you've never experienced it before. It's going to be 10 days of Sacred Knowledge & Street Art that will rock your mind & feed your soul!

Challenging the term ‘clash of civilisations’, Birmingham-based artist Mohammed Ali has successfully managed to connect people of different communities through his art with themes exploring the issues that face contemporary, multicultural societies.

Having been inspired by the New York graffiti art movement, Mohammed delved into the art from a young age and began spray painting in his early teenage years. It was his new-found passion and rediscovery of Islam that he began to combine his graffiti art with the eloquence and grace of sacred Islamic script and patterns.

Mohammed will be making his debut in Malaysia from July 5 - July 8 where he will be creating a public mural at the Arts segment of the Knowledge & Arts Tour 2009 organised by the Young Muslims Project.

In the Knowledge segment which runs from July 8 - July 15, Suhaib Webb, author of the best selling audio CD album “Mothers of Believers” will also be making his debut in Malaysia. Suhaib Webb is an American Islamic activist, speaker, and religious scholar, known for his rapport with Muslim youth and his ability to get people to work for positive changes in society. During his youth, he lost interest in religion and got into some trouble with the law before going on to becoming a successful local Hip-Hop DJ, making records with various artists. After converting to Islam at age 20, he left his career as a DJ and studied at the University of Central Oklahoma, where he graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Education. He also studied privately, learning enough to become a community leader in Oklahoma City. He is a Lecturer at the Islamic American University (IAU) in California and is currently studying Shariah at Al-Azhar University (Egypt).

Our 2nd speaker, Abdur Raheem Green, formerly Anthony Green was born to British parents and raised in a wealthy, upper class family. As a young man Anthony began a period of study and intense searching before eventually accepting Islam in 1987. Abdur Raheem is an internationally recognised speaker on Islam and an expert in the field of da'wah (Islamic propogation). He has delivered countless lectures and seminars to audiences around the globe including appearing on many TV shows. Green worked for five years in the London Central Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre as the Visits and English Da’wah Co-ordinator, but now runs a consultancy, Green and Chambers Consulting, with his friend and fellow convert to Islam Yusuf Chambers, as well as making regular appearances on PeaceTV and Islam Channel.
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Daniel Zain Ibrahim
Event Director, Knowledge & Arts Tour 09
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