Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Ten Commandments

Obediently listening...
Today I want to share with you 10 important messages from the first judge that I served as a Senior Assistant Registrar at the KL D6 High Court. She took time to advice me the following when I went to tell her that I was going to be transferred to be a Magistrate in KL. This was sometime in Mei 2008. Luckily I took notes that time.

One: She emphasized that I should observe and study the pattern of my surroundings and not bring unnecessary and useless changes.

Two: That I should be careful with the statements that I make on the Bench as it would be in open Court and that I should not be making unnecessary remarks especially racial remarks.

Three: If I want to reprimand a lawyer, do it in chambers and not openly. Fortunately, no lawyers ever made into my chambers as there was never a need to reprimand them.
Four: I should be careful with visitors.
Five: I should not have any preference to any firms or lawyers.
Six: That I should never discuss about my decision with anyone. The exception being my colleagues and seniors. Itu pun tak boleh bagitau the personal details but just the legal issues.
Seven: That I should never compromise my position.
Eight: Make a call / ruling / decision without fear and favour.
Nine: Be compassionate.
Ten: Always apply, have and remember the four “INS”:

1. Integrity
2. Independent
3. Intelligent
4. Industry (rajin)

Useful? You bet…

I hope you it is to you too.
Blog adjourned…

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Malicious Mind said...

thanks for sharing adam.

have a nice day !

p.s- how come u tak datang kk recently with ur boss?