Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Booger Off!

Boogey Boogey!

My God I have been so obsessed about it for the past few days. Every time I pick her up I would take a peek through her cute button nose to see if her booger is hanging outside her nose so that I could gently grab it out.

Yeah yeah, everyone seems to suggest that I let it be and to leave it where it is as it is harmless but I can’t. I’d go *hins*hins* hoping that she would follow me and out comes the green snot. It never happened.

Not until just now. I could see her booger flip flopping as she was breathing in my arms. But helpless as I was, it was out of my finger’s reach.

It almost killed me to be patient when the Bride told me to relax and let it come out naturally. So down I went to have my dinner with my baby’s snot stuck in her nose and at the back of my mind.

Suddenly… the Bride called my phone.

“Guess what”

“What? She pooped?”

“no… her booger’s out”

“Serious? Besar tak?"

“Tengokla sendiri”

“ok. I makan jap”

So after dinner I went up and there it was… my baby’s booger… IT WAS HUGE! I wonder how in the world could “that” fit in such a small nose! My mom was also amused. Not with her granddaughter's booger but how that girl's daddy was so excited with his first child's tahi hidung. This is not the first time but usually it's just the normal size. INI BESAR SIUT!!!

No wonder she would make a lot of snorty sounds when she sleeps… the airway was blocked! I manage to secure it in between a clear tape and stored it in her treasure box.

Allhamdulillah, now she is sleeping peacefully AND quietly…
Kalau pelombong bijih timah nampak mesti nak sign contract.
(Hehehe. I am sure around 15 years from now, if one of her friends managed to find this post, she is certainly not going to be as pleased as how she is now when she is sleeping beside me. Yes baby, I'm so proud of your great success today!)
Booger Adjourned.

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