Wednesday, September 30, 2009

He Came, He Snapped A Picture And I’m A Young Lawyer

U.S. Court of Appeal Judge David Ebel came by to pay a courtesy call to the Chief Justice of Malaysia some months ago. I was instructed to take the conversation minutes of the informal meeting. He is very experience and learned. I marveled the way he casually discussed heavy stuff with the Big Boss.
Thereafter, the Chief Justice had an Federal Court hearing. So I went to transform into my court attire in my chambers. (With the Big Boss, you must always have the Court Attire ready. He despises last minute postponements so even when a judge is taken ill, he would be the “hakim terjun” so that the case would not be postponed.)
At the same time, the Chief Registrar was showing Judge Ebel around the Palace of Justice. As I was heading back to my chambers after the hearing, I saw the Chief Registrar and Judge Ebel at the entrance of the Federal Court. I went to say hello.
Judge Ebel was so impressed with how I looked like in a bip and black rob, (as he just saw me in my office attire about a few hours ago) he immediately requested to take a photo with me. He couldn’t believe his ears when I told him my age, my previous and current posts, especially the stuff that I was doing now.
I thought that was the end of it but boy was I wrong.
Today, as I was doing some online research for some stuff, I came across this website. It is the Malaysian-US Embassy website.
Lo and Behold! I saw a picture of Judge Ebel and “a young lawyer” at the Malaysian Court of Appeal in Putrajaya (Actually, it is the Malaysian Federal Court, hehehe).
“Young Lawyer”… hahaha…
Sape nak sangka “young lawyer” ni dah jadi bapak orang…
Blog adjourned.

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nurul cakapcakap said...

lawyer muda yang dah jadi ayah orang.hebat macam tu! tahniah adam alhabshi

rin said...

woowww weeee..!!

Malicious Mind said...

wowwww. very impressive!