Friday, September 11, 2009

The Stork's Ramadhan Present

Praises be to the Lord of the Universe for His Infinite Mercy and Blessings.

On 2nd September 2009, after a grueling 7 and a half hour of labour pain, the Bride gave birth to a very beautiful baby girl. Weighing 2.5 kg, my little princess was safely delivered at 2.42am. I have yet to decide my blog nickname for her so for now, it will be interchangeable.

I can’t believe that I am a father now. The feeling is too overwhelming and is slowly digesting in my head. It’s like when I got married to the Bride. I thought I’d feel like a “ZAP” just after the akad nikah but nothing happened. After the akad nikah, I still felt like I was my own “bachelor” self when in fact I was no longer “bujang”. Only after a few months did I start to “feel” the husband feeling.

But now, I guess it won’t take a few months for my head to really grasp the fact that I am a dad.
I was by the Bride’s side the whole process. Buka Puasa with one hand holding the spoon and the other gripping the Bride’s hand. It was certainly an experience of a lifetime. Witnessing your own wife giving birth can really make you re-analyse how good a son you have been to your own mother and how even more responsible you should be for your family.

Will smith was right when he sang “Just The Two Of Us” although I didn’t take an hour just to get the baby car seat right. I was so gila careful when I was driving home that day having my Bride and my baby girl (who was in her car seat and dazed where she was going) on board.
We were greeted by some friends who took pictures of us three and once upstairs, I could feel satisfying it is to have my very own mini family in my room. The Bride and I spent the next few days just staring at our bundle of joy.
Then… my little baby pooped.
You should see how gubra I was when I was changing her diaper for the first time. In and out of the bathroom I went with a naked baby in my hands who was crying her lungs out and shivering at the same time as I was not sure whether to just wash her in the sink or to lay her on her rubber mat and dap her butt with some wet cotton. When I thought that the rubber mat was the most suitable decision, then I realized it was cold and that got my baby screaming even louder. So I had to rush and get a kain lampin to alas the baby. The screaming session got my mom racing to the room with her investigating cap and questioning everyone why her cucu is crying. “Apa hang buat kat cucu aku? Awat cucu aku dok menangis? Cepatla sikit, dia sejuk tu! Jangan lupa lap bagi kering! Letak olive oil kalau tak nanti makan ayak(air)! Cepatlah sikit, budak tu dah menggeletar dah tu!”
Pressure giler ok. Nak sapu olive oil pun tangan menggeletar.

Having bathed my baby the first day she was at home and taking the role of a diaper changer so seriously (the first time the Bride had to change the diaper was yesterday, two days after I started working again as her makcik urut had to go back home for a while leaving her with no option but to do it herself) I think I am coping well with fatherhood.

Mom was shocked that I could bath my baby girl even when she was so small and tiny and wiggly. I was shocked my self.

Yes. Sometimes… I surprise myself.

Many more stories to come as I begin this wonderful journey as my baby girl’s daddy.

Blog adjourned.

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E`n1x said...

hey cool. me likey. a helpful dadddy =D. a great one in-the-making.
be sure to update on Dot's progress! hehehe

eifa said...

adam!!! send maa regards to raje eh..i was trying to call her..but cant get it..tomey2 nyerrr....grrrrrr regards from mama maisarah :D

Malicious Mind said...

My husband & I were like that as well, at least you bathed your daughter, my husband was too chicken. he said our daughter was so tiny and he's afraid of slipping her.

enjoy fatherhood adam!

Aidahs said...

TAHNIAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... Alhamdulillah.... semoga bahagia hendaknya keluarga ini...

Girl Behind A Shadow said...

Congrats Adam!! I guess she is a bit shy in taking pictures, huh? So cute!!

Nama die sama cm my niece ;)

two_one said...

E'n1x:will do so :)
iEfa: cubalah call dia lagi skali. Geram kan? Rasa macam nak lipat masuk poket and bawa gi opis ke mana-mana tiap-tiap hari...
Dana: Am enjoying every single bit of it!
Aidahs: AMEEEEEEN....
Hida:Camera shy? those are the rare shy pictures. Check out my facebook then you can see the many faces of her. :)