Wednesday, November 4, 2009

He Was "It"

Last week I went out for a movie date with the Bride. We went to watch “This Is It”, twin seat lagi tu.

At 50 years of age, power seh mamat tu!

“This Is It” showed how Michael was when he was preparing for his ultimate 50 concerts. Wait, I do not think it is fair to use the word “preparing” with Michael. He had every single thing well planned in his head. He knew each and every part of his song, how his dancers should move, what kind of special effects and when / how it should be and every single detail of the entire performance in his head. He was very detailed and most importantly, he did it with love. Love for his passion. Love for his art. Love for his fans.

The show showed how he practiced with his macho dancers (which he himself chose and seriously… semua macho and power beb!), his back up singers and band. His dancers had a super time of their lives. All of them idolized Michael and became a dancer because of him. They then managed to get to dance with him as part of his extension. Although the concert did not materialize, I am sure they had loads of fun learning the moves from the man himself. There was one part when he, the King of Pop, gave the stage to his female guitarist whom he invited to perform with him via MySpace. He specifically mentioned that he wanted her to have the spotlight at HIS CONCERT! HOW COOL IS THAT?

You could also see how his dance steps changes with his mood on different days of his practise session.

He is such a perfectionist. His moves came from how he felt the song and how his mood was at that point of time. Soft spoken as he is, he was certainly leading the preparation of his concert. His voice… no need to comment on thatlah, it was exactly the same as it is in his album.

The Bride said that the stage is the only time she feels that Michael is free to do whatever he wants. I agree. He looked comfortable on stage. He looked like he is “It”.

It’s a sad fact he couldn’t perform what he had planned to. Just to show how influential he is, remember that guitarist I mentioned above? Her musical career is now skyrocketing like nobody’s business. All because of a simple message in MySpace by Michael.

Rezeki di mana saja… Kalau Dia nak bukak pintu tu… Maut pun tak boleh nak halang kita untuk menikmati rezekiNya.

Blog adjourned.

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Husna said...

post khas :)

nurul cakapcakap said...

superb MJ