Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Super Vision

Superman has it. His x-ray vision has been used for many good causes. It has never been reported that he had misused it save for some cartoons. But as normal human beings, we need to have a feeling that we are being supervised. It will allow us to make a more conscience decision.
Islam recognizes this. That is Prophet Muhammad (SAW) explained the meaning of ihsan, as follow:
it’s to worship Allah as you are seeing Him and while you see Him not yet truly He sees you."
I call this spiritual supervision.

With this kind of supervision (unlike the Superman’s supervision) one will be God conscious and would then act accordingly. When you are younger, it will deter you from stealing sweets or comic books at a mamak shop just because the mamak had to go to his store to take some of the grocery lists you gave him. As you grow older, it stopped you from stealing the cash in some unattended purse in school.

It can even make sure that whatever you write in an email, blog, newspaper is the truth and not some baseless accusation.

When you already old, it probably makes your heart skip a beat knowing that not only is He eying on you but He is also expecting you to return to Him soon.

Have you ever had a huge hunch that someone is corrupt, but you dare not say it as it might not be true and instead of spreading the truth, you make a sinful slander (yes, I know all kinds of slander is sinful but I was just trying to stress that point). Eventually, because of that accusation, you have your sin recorded. If you have this feeling, but still say it anyway, then that’s a different matter. At least, you know what you are doing is wrong and hopefully you are given the opportunity to repent.

But if you do not have this feeling, I would suggest that you do some soul searching and try to re-remember (if there is such a word) that whatever thoughts that you think, say or even do, will certainly be under His Super Vision.

His Super Vision sees everything.

By remembering that, you remember Him.

Remember Him and He will remember you.

Believe me, it’s nice when you know that He remembers you.


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