Monday, March 8, 2010


There are some things in life that can be so easy for some and yet so challenging for others. Challenges come and go every day. Just for sheer fun, below are some of the current life challenges that I face:

  • To sleep early together with the Bride and Alisha with the intention to wake up later to pray Isya’. My God it’s like dragging my whole body to the bathroom for wudhu’.
  • To wake up for Subuh during weekend and when there is no morning classes.
  • To enlighten an older person that he / she have no adab.
  • To try not to raise my already loud voice.
  • To be sincere in doing a good deed.
  • To explain a complex scenario in a simple manner and easy to understand.
  • To maintain a simple explanation simple.
  • To find an influential and interesting way to explain that Islam is cool when coolnes is always associated to non Syariah compliant stuff.
  • Not to have an evil thought.
  • Expressing my personal opinion that the Judiciary is not corrupted as how some people perceive it to be. perception.. perception.. perception..
  • To cut Alisha’s finger and toe nails. If she is asleep, she will wake up. When she’s awake, she would never sit still.
  • To be a good neighbor, classmate, workmate, soul mate, person, son, husband, father, cousin, nephew… in a nutshell, to be a good Muslim.
  • To pujuk the Bride if I did something wrong.
  • To find the right path in my career and to have a clear view of what to become.
  • To maintain steadfastness in doing something.
  • Not to procrastinate.
  • To focus on my assignments and not be swayed by emails, Facebook or blogs. Oops I did it again… I’m supposed to complete my assignments and here I am updating my blog.

Many more challenges but now I need to focus on what Imam Ghazali, Ibn Taimiyah and Ibn Qayyim’s views on “The Role Of Money”. Wish me luck for my assignments!

Blog adjourned.

2 obiter dictum:

Aidahs said...

do you have the cabaran memakaikan diapers untuk Alisha? kehkehkeh

Fara said...

Salam Adam. Fara here, friend of Mas. Thank you for sharing this with us. I enjoy reading your thoughts and your experiences as a new father. Children really change the way we look at things. Continue spreading Islam. It is a simple and yet comprehensive religion but as you said, to maintain a simple explanation simple is quite a challenge ;)