Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Alisha's Teacher's Day

My land law lecturer contacted me via Facebook for some work related matter last week. (Yeah! She has a Facebook account and she updates her status frequently too! How cool is that?) So I took the opportunity to wish her Happy Teachers Day.
Guess what happened next?
She also took the opportunity to wish my dad Happy Teacher’s Day! Haha!
So I called my dad to convey my lecturer’s wishes.
He laughed and laughed and laughed throughout the conversation. I guess he found it hilarious that my lecturer is wishing him for Teacher’s Day. I am quite sure that made my dad’s day!
Wishing your teachers on Teacher’s Day is one thing. Celebrating it with your daughter’s teachers is another!
As you might recall, Alisha was sent to a nursery ever since she was four months old. So she already has teachers to celebrate Teacher’s Day with.
Apparently, on every Teacher’s Day, most parents would lavishly make beautiful cakes and cup cakes for the teachers. So much so until one of her teacher told the Bride that if these were to continue, all the teachers would be as round as cakes!
The Bride wanted to do something for Alisha’s teachers that did not involve cakes and cupcakes. So she rang my aunt who cooks the best Beriyani Kambing and managed to persuade her to cook for 15 pax on Monday. She usually takes order for 50 pax and above but for the Bride, she said ok. But she said she can’t do it on a Monday as she was busy, she could only do it on Wednesday as the new fresh kambing meat would only be available on Tuesday.
So last Wednesday, yours truly was the designated beriyani kambing transporter.
*siap ada salad and carrot cake for dessert*
When we arrived, Alisha and her gang were fast asleep. They lined up the babies in one row and it is sooo adorable.
*Alisha pengsan*
*baby selonggok*
Alisha’s teachers really enjoyed themselves. They said that this was the first time someone had brought an Arabic cuisine for Teacher’s Day and it was simply delicious. They tambah and tambah and tambah and still there was enough food for everyone. 
*the Bride tengah set up lunch*

To me, I find this as some of God’s small miracles. You can cook for 15 pax and some of these 15 pax had three to four servings and you still have extra food. Amazing!
All in all, I think the Bride was brilliant to organize a wonderful celebration for Alisha’s teachers. Two thumbs up for the Bride! Yay!
I wonder what would she come up with next year???
Blog adjourned.

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Azah said...

I just love this post. You know sometimes, the little things we do can light up other ppl's day.

two_one said...

DaughterSez: :)