Monday, May 31, 2010

Double Double "U"s Means “Wonderful Weekend”

I had one of the most enjoyable times last weekend. I got to spend a lot of bonding time with my pretty Bride and playful Baby.
The Bride wanted to have a haircut and she did the style which I loved most.
Yes. I just love the China Doll hairstyle. 
*Alisha hoping to have hair like her mommy*
It really makes her eyes look like a one liner… Perhaps as she frowns when she is angry with me her eyes will shut and I could run and escape from her wrath… A possible theory. Will try it when the need arises.
I also have this theory. Your hairstyle will influence your character for that period of time. It will not change your personality but just the way you act and react. Last time when the Rock was the hero in WWF, I used to ask the Mamak who cuts my hair to do The Rock’s hairstyle. Having that hairstyle, I would somehow feel a little bit more confident like The Rock but without the body. I think that was when I met the Bride. It could have been because of that confidence that I managed to get her attention. It could be… but I don’t know. And as of this moment, I don’t really care. Haha.
We finally got Alisha’s car seat courtesy of my sister. (Thank you Kakak!) 
After walking from one end of 1Utama to the other and back again… we were contented with a blue coloured Safe & Sound car seat. Actually, Alisha was contented with her car seat. 
*Muka contented*
We made sure she tested it and gave her approving smile before confirming the purchase.
Considering that Alisha is already 9 months, she can now sit facing forward at the back seat. This means that she could see her Mommy when they go to work and would not be alone facing the seat anymore!
*Duduk dekat shelve pun jadila!*
This is when Alisha was trying the Chicco brand.

We also went to Ikano Power Centre last weekend. 
*Daddy's little chempedak was cold so Daddy wrapped her like E.T. and this is how Daddy's curious Chempedak was as she refused to sleep in her pram*
As we were walking, we saw this Vitagen exhibition. They prepared some sort of an arch which separated the stomach, small intestines and large intestines and we were ushered to walk under the three huge arch. There were also plenty of digestive information pasted all around the arch so you would see people turning their heads reading and explaining the information to their kids as they walkthrough.
I thought it was a fun thing. The information was pretty easy to understand and with the graphics, it was really cool. But as I came out of the arch, I realized something.
As I entered the stomach arch, I was made to understand about how food gets into there and how it is digested. In other words, I was like food going through the arch. Then I had to go through the small intestines. No problem there. Then I had to go through the large intestines. Still no problem.
But after that?  
What happens to the food (i.e. The Bride, Alisha and I) walking through the stomach, small intestines and large intestines?
Hahaha! Kitorang jadi TAHI la kan??? Hahaha!
Thank God they didn’t make the exit look like an ass hole! Hehehe.
After being flushed out of the digestive system, I went for a Body Mass Index checkup. Surprise Surprise! Yours truly is no longer underweight anymore! I have about 18.1% of fat and the nutritionist said that I’m a healthy boy! (Well, I was quite sure she wanted to say that but when she saw The Bride pushing a little Alisha in her pram beside me, she just didn’t mention the “boy”. Haha)
Good Job M-i-L! you have made your menantu domok and normal! Thank you! Hehe.
Did I mention that Alisha also went swimming twice? One on Saturday morning and the other was on a hot Sunday afternoon in her private pool?
*Wanna join me??*
*This is so much fun Daddy!!!*
Not to mention we went to my friend’s wedding on Saturday (Congrats Yasmin and Khairil!) and the Bride managed to prepare Alisha’s meal for a whole week (yes. She cooks for Alisha now. See how motherhood can change you? You better be a good girl Alisha!) while I sat and cursed Astro’s stupid World Cup advertisements.
All in all, it was a Wonderful Weekend indeed!
Blog adjourned!

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