Friday, May 14, 2010

What My Mover Said...

There were 11 petitioners before me. This means that there were 11 speeches before I could hear what my mover had to say about me. With no draft whatsoever, it was some thrill trying to figure out what he has in mind.
When my turn came up, he started of saying that I the third from four siblings. That my dad was a distinguished economist and my mom was a distinguished biologist. I am married to Yang Mulia the Bride (he knows his protocol as I did not mentioned the Bride as Yang Mulia before him). He mentioned my education background from primary school all the way to my tertiary level.
Then he mentioned that I was attached to KLRCA.
“It is here that I first met the petitioner as a young and confident boy. Now he has turned to be a confident man!”
He mentioned that I joined The Service thereafter. I can’t remember exactly what he said word for word but this is the gist of it…
Just like My Lady (referring to the Judge) and me, the petitioner too joined the service and escaped the hardship of pupillage. As how some would say that we took the easy route out, I believe working in the service is not as easy as how people perceive it to be.
The Petitioner joined as a Senior Assistant Registrar at the High Court at Kuala Lumpur, Commercial Division 6 under YA Datuk Siti Mariah for about one year. He was then transferred as a Magistrate in Kuala Lumpur for the next 5 months. He was again transferred to the Office of the Chief Justice as the Special Officer II to the Chief Justice of Malaysia, YAA Tun Zaki Tun Azmi.
I can do no better than to quote what YAA Chief Justice of Malaysia has to say about the Petitioner:
(at this time, I could see heads of the other movers turning towards me and I could feel their eyes watching me)
“He was given the ardent task of researching at the federal Court level. I find that his comprehension and understanding of the law is commendable. His write ups depict a high level of maturity and illustrates in depth consideration. He is also able to grasp complicated facts and principles. A good writer and with continuous practice and reading, I am certain he will improve to a very well respected level in the near future.
He is constantly cheerful, good-humored and friendly”
He then concluded by mentioning my gratitude for the support given from my parents, wife, family and colleagues.
As expected, there were no objections from the AG Chambers, Bar Council and KL Bar Committee.
After his speech, my mover came and robed (is there such a word?) me.
It was then the judge’s turn to say a few words. She mentioned that today was a very important day as well for her. It was one of the petitioner’s birthday today, her ex-classmate was present in court, her old friend from The Service (my mover) was in court, it was the first time an MMU student got called in her court and she also mentioned something about me. She mentioned that both she and I worked together before when she was still at the Office of the Chief Registrar. On that note, she agreed with what the Chief Justice had said about me. 
After that the court was adjourned. 
(Nasib baik pun... robe aku dah nak koyak sebab kembang tak proportionate and melebihi had pengembangan yang dibenarkan!)
We all went to the back for a photo session with the judge. Then the Bride and I went for some refreshments as my parents headed home.
Thereafter we went to the nursery to get our bundle of joy. Boy was she surprised to see us both taking her back! Muka blur sampai rumah macam tak sure what’s happening.
Hehe, funnylah you Alisha. You’ll probably understand why we both went to take you back that day when you know how to read and you accidentally stumble upon this blog many years from now. :)
Blog adjourned.
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