Thursday, May 27, 2010

Your Luxury Is Something That Other People Would Admire More

As I sit in front of my laptop not knowing what to do next, I suddenly feel that my semester break is slowly making me die of boredom.
Now I get much time to go and read Batman Comics at MPH for free! That is luxury! Haha!
*Batman is Ganas!*
You know that procrastinating feeling you get when you have to do something? Sometimes I think we are confusing it with laziness. I had the holy intention of doing so many things when I was working or even when I had my classes. I’d tell myself that I don’t have the time to do it now but if I had my semester break, I’d surely be able to do it.
Lo and behold!
I am half way through my semester break and every time I think about doing the stuff I wanted to do a few months back, I’d just shrug it off and keep it in abeyance. That’s not procrastinating. That is just pure laziness. It means that something that I had wanted to do is only interesting in theory but was not appealing enough to be done.
The same goes for blogging.

Sometimes when I am driving, I’d think of some fabulous (at that time lah) topics to write about. As I sit quietly on the driver’s seat for about an hour because of a ridiculous traffic jam which happens for no apparent reason, I would frame the whole post in my mind. I will have the flow drafted in my mind from the beginning to the “blog adjourned” part. I would get excited in the car all alone. I’d even have the sort of picture I think would suit that post. If I have the “luxury” of not being stuck in a traffic jam that doesn’t move at all, I would jot down that draft in my phone to be transferred to my laptop later.
As I get back home and sit in front of my laptop, suddenly that whole idea seems so dull that I don’t even want to type it out.
What the hell was going through my mind when I drafted this shit?? 
Was traffic jam so boring that this boring shit seemed so bloody interesting earlier on??
Or better still, as I turn on the laptop, I forgot what the draft is all about. If I still remember it, it is only bits and pieces that don’t seem interesting anymore.
It’s funny how your mind can play tricks on you.
Blog adjourned.

2 obiter dictum:

Anonymous said...

dude, i agree with the last part of your post. so many times i've drafted entire posts in my head while driving. but my blog remains un-updated because i will either forget what i wanted to say or i'll lose interest. there should be a device that we can plug into our heads to download all those draft posts, so that when we get to a computer, we just need to upload.

two_one said...

Anon: If only there is such a device... I'm sure we would have to censor most part of the draft! hehe.