Friday, June 4, 2010

Six Completed, Two Awaiting and Eight Remaining - CIFP 2010

*Anak yang mungkin telah mendoakan kejayaan ayahnya tanpa disedari sesiapa lain kecuali Dia...*


Results for my first semester are out. Thank God I didn’t fail my accounting paper. That was the hardest out of the six subjects I had to take. It would have been an utter embarrassment if I were to fail any subjects in my CIFP here at INCEIF especially when my father is working here as well. I am quite sure my assignment sacured me from failure as my group got quite high marks for our Islamic Hire and Purchase Assignment (AITAB).
Actually, I am glad that I can say that I am really satisfied with my results. I think I did poured in much hard work amidst the time I spent juggling as a new Daddy for the lil Alisha (who had a terrible viral fever during my exam week and needed constant attention!) and Husband to the Bride, over and above other responsibilities as a son, son-in-law, futsal player, lepak king, Facebook junky etc.
I think out of all the six subjects, I did revision for five subjects and had to restudy for the accounting subject. For the remaining five subjects, I felt like I had given my best when I came out of the exam hall. It’s a very nice feeling of satisfaction but with no black and white confirmation of success. I had sufficient time to jot down my points and before I started to write, I was calm enough to draft the outline of my answer in my head before I started to write. I guess having a consistent urge to update this blog (and a whole lot of drafting stuff for work the last few years) gave me the practice I need to have a systematic writing style with some flow in it.
That gave me a lot of confidence and calmed my exam nerves. Although I still had to take some gastric medication as the exam stress (or any other stress for that matter) would certainly trigger my gastric issues. The doctor said that I would get gastric if I am stressed. He also told me not to get stressed. I just asked him for the right medication. I mean, who can control their own stress level right?
Anyhow, my semester break is almost over. (Thank God! I’m beginning to start counting my bathroom tiles when I take my long showers close to noon out of sheer boredom!) This week will be the last week. Next week I’ll start my short semester with only two subjects. One is Wealth Planning and Management and the other is Islamic Financial Institutions and Markets. Sounds big huh?
Today, I’m thinking of improving one of my last semester assignment and see if it would be accepted to be published by any reputable journals. Hopefully it will be published. If it does, I’ll post it up with the citation. If it doesn’t, I’ll probably post it up here as well. Haha.
Anyhow, Praises must be given only to the Al-Mighty for giving my class and myself the strength, patience, knowledge, wisdom and the ability to achieve what we had achieved last semester. May He grant us all greater success in the next semester too, Insha Allah!
Whoop Peeeduuuuuu!

Blog adjourned.

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