Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You Sure Or Not???

Last Monday, I attended my first class for the second semester in pursuing my CIFP. The next two months are my short semester  I have in my plate only two subjects.
Just as it is in any other Universities, the fact that you are taking your second semester means that you have completed your first semester’s examination. Whether you passed your exams is another issue.
Completing your examinations will compel you to face your results. I will always get this love-hate feeling when I know that results are out. I would want to know how I fared but I hate the element of surprise sentiment attached to it. As much as I cover my eyes when I log on to check my results, curiosity dictates that I’d leave sufficient space in between my fingers for me to peep at the screen.
Alhamdulillah, I think I did quite well for my first semester. My results proved my over-dramatic-depression feeling after my accounting paper to be quite unnecessary. Again, praises be to Him, for allowing me to pass that paper.
What surprised me was that when I went for my first class last week, a few of my friends came up to me to congratulate me. I asked them for what occasion and they replied for having scored straight As in the previous semester.
“Hah? But I didn’t get straight As…”
“Don’t lie lah. I heard people saying that you got straight As!”
“Erm, don’t you think I would know my own results? The last time I checked, I saw that I got a B for my Accounts paper. From whom did you hear this news?”
"Erm... Not sure..."
And then another friend came to congratulate me. And another and so on.
Reading Batman comic books at MPH during my semester break has taught me how to investigate stuff like how Batman would do it. I tried to implement his “techniques” to find out how this rumor started. Erm, No, I did not throw people off the roof to squeeze information, but just the “asking-around” technique.
I found out that someone overheard my friend saying that she thinks I got straight As. Apparently, that person did not hear the word “thinks” and assumed it was true. Now, a number of my friends think that I scored straight As when I can only wish that their kind thoughts were true.
So I posted this on my Facebook account:
"Thank you for ur confidence in thinking that I got straight A's for my 1st semester but unfortunately u thought wrong. HuHu..."
 I think that should put out the rumor. Embarrassing ok when you didn’t score straight As and people congratulate you for nothing. And when you deny it, they would think that you are just being silly. When you are adamant that you didn’t get straight As, some would apologise but some would then ask your real results pulak. Aiyooo….
What a drama for my first day of class!
Blog adjourned.

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