Thursday, August 26, 2010

Alisha Rupa Anak Mat Salleh???

As I was lazing around on my bed today, I got a notification on my Facebook account. It was my friend from YMP who had just recovered from an almost similar viral fever that I had a couple of weeks back. He asked if Alisha was featured in Utusan today? I was like “what?”
I quickly asked the Bride to check out Utusan Malaysia today. She called me back saying that without a doubt, our baby girl is there smiling away in her car seat.
I told my mom and we went out in search for the paper. Went to one shop and they were out of Utusan. We went to another shop and she managed to get two copies of Utusan.
*Nasib baik dia tak tulis si Chempedak*

*closer view*
As we both went through each pages carefully, we suddenly saw a happy and smiling Alisha in her car seat, holding her sunshine toy and posing like a model to the camera. Besar ok gambar dia dalam paper hari ni! Aku pun tak pernah masuk paper gambar sebesar ni! Hahaha!
It is actually at page 7 under the Entertainment pull out called Mode Mega Utusan Malaysia. It is an article about going for the Raya holiday safely with a baby. “Balik Kampung dengan simanja”. The picture is from the Bride’s blog post here.
*original picture*
What caught my attention was also that this article was sponsored by Johnson’s Baby.
(Also, at the end page, Wahida and Akil Hayy is featured with Wahida wearing a purdah now! Aiyak!! *tepuk-dahi*)
Without wasting much time, I got our trustworthy operator to get me Utusan Malaysia’s number. Alhamdulillah, got through and after two transfers I was already speaking to the writer of the article itself. She apologised as she thought Alisha was anak Mat Salleh. Anak Mat Salleh? Muka Amoy macam ni dia kata anak Mat Salleh? Tang mana agaknya yang dia nampak iras Mat Salleh kat anak aku ni?
I guess, what went through the phone should not be shared here just yet as I have not decided what my next course of action is. I’m gathering proper legal advice for now.
Jeng Jeng Jeng
Her first Legal Action at the age of 11 months young???
Or should I just ask for duit raya? 
What’s your advice?
Blog adjourned.

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Anonymous said...

minta duit raya lebih2 sket... sesuka hati jer amik gmbr w/out permission... huhu

Quiyah said...

congrats!! i guess it should be duit raya for little alisha then.. ahaha..
Thank god for you as the father.. ehehe..

nurul cakapcakap said...

dia sebenarnya nak cover line je tu. bukan pasal dia ingat anak mat salleh ke apa, sebab alisha memang comel sesuai masuk koran. haih alisha belum raya dah boleh tuntut duit raya! alang2, mintaks banyak2 terus.

Nurulbadiah Lai said...

shes so pretty n cute:))
btw..follow u..feel free to visit mine..
r u in legal profession too:?

KbZb said...

Her first legal action at 11 months young sounds so tempting and cute..hahaha.

Anyway, I vote for LOTS of duit raya!! hehehe..

Azmi said...

Questions to be asked:

Who wrote the article?
Who was the picture credited to?
Do you know the above people?

hahaahhaha... pastu mintak la duit raya...

Anonymous said...

newspapers mmg suka hati je grab anything from anywhere w/out proper research or reliable source. but at least yours is a cute pix of your baby (yes, still very wrong. no doubt!)

my family had an experience of our own where there was an article about abundant houses (1 of those was once belongs to my grandparents). was an 8 line article but it is actually 4 lines about my grandfather's life that everything reported is NOT TRUE. mmg ayat fitnah. takde kaitan langsung dgn article tu..

the journalist's research? my cousin called up and demand where the journalist got the info frm and said interview org kat warung kopi depan rumah tu!

my lawyer cousins nak sue je.. but my aunts & uncle demand public apology.. if tak nak apologize, baru take that action. and they did apologize.

Anonymous said...

utusan malaysia so dodgy.

Anonymous said...

duit raya! =) and a stern warning i think..