Wednesday, August 4, 2010

S.T.R.I.K.E. 'Em Pins Down!!!

2010 has introduced me with a new hobby.
It all started when my colleague invited me to join his bowling team for the JALSOA Bowling open earlier this year. They didn’t have any name for the team so I suggested Suria Kencana. We didn’t win anything in that first tournament. 
*My throw*
*My Strike!*
Since I was already on sabbatical then, I didn’t get much updates on my team mates’ bowling progress. Apparently they had some serious training after that tournament. It even led them to go and get their own ball! Now three out of the four Suria Kencana’s had their own ball.
Suria Kencana then joined the Chief Registrar’s Bowling Open. We got the second place.
*What Suria Kencana won in the Chief Registrar Tournament. My team mates opened the hamper at the office so I didn't manage to get any of the munchies! Cheh!*
 My team mate scored 189 and got the best player of the tournament. I managed to get a turkey. I was informed that the Chief Registrar’s Bowling Open would be held every three months. If it does, you can bet to see Suria Kencana battling to get first and win the big trophy.
Since the second tournament, I have been practicing with my ex-schoolmates at e@Curve (formerly known as Cineleisure) Pin Junction. So far, my highest score is 186.
That gave me the boost to get myself my own ball (apart from my teammates pressuring me to do so as well!)
As I enquired around, I found that the Pro Shop at e@Curve Pin Junction gave the best package. You can get a straight ball, a pair of bowling shoes and a bag for RM299. That was just what I was looking for as my kind of throw is the straight throw.
Guess what?
*Tadaaaaa!!! *
That was just what I got for myself yesterday.
They had two colours for the 12 pound ball. I had to 3G call the Bride to choose the right colour for the ball and shoes. The Bride has been very supportive with my new hobby. (Thank you love!) I even had her colleagues in her office to help me choose by giving me the thumbs up. Haha. Thanks guys!
*My new bowling set*

*My new bowling shoes. It has two different sole on each shoe. One is for sliding and the other is for breaking*
*Haffiz, the Pro Shop owner, doing his thing*
Now all of Suria Kencana players have their own personal ball!
I was also very lucky to have the tawkey supplying bowling balls to help give me some pointers. He said that I am one of the first top 100 players to own this ball as it is a new ball in town. He told me about the five things that I need to ensure when bowling and some tips on my style. Unfortunately for me, using the correct professional style, I only got 94 in that game. I planned to go and try a hybrid style of the tips he gave and my style today but I am currently down with a mild fever. Not wanting to exert myself, I think I will constraint my bowling desire for one day and knock myself tomorrow.
Well, I better go and rest now if I want to be all ready for tomorrow’s practice session with my new bowling kit.
Let’s hope I can at least reach 200 points soon! That would be something for an amateur bowler like me!
Bowling adjourned!

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Quiyah said...

dude! u just gave me a great idea for my hubby's birthday present! Thanks! :)

two_one said...

I'm glad I could be of assistance. :)