Saturday, November 13, 2010

Don't Be Depressed :)

This post is derived from Sheikh Hamza Yusuf’s audio lecture in the rights and responsibility of a husband and a wife (and children). I got the compilation as a gift from my fabulous aunties from MPF as a gift. (Thank you... thank you…)
In one of the many lectures, he mentions that Saydina Ali Karamullahu Wajhah reminded us not to be depressed over matters in this world.
Saydina Ali Karamullahu Wajhah said that the world is of 6 things which are:
1.    Ma’kul: Something that you eat.
2.    Mashkur: Something that you drink.
3.    Malbus: Something that you wear.
4.    Markub: Something that you ride.
5.    Mashmum: Something that you smell.
6.    Mankuwah: Someone that you marry.
In other words, it is out of these 6 matters that we achieve the best satisfaction in life.
And then Saydina Ali Karamullahu Wajhah invites us to analyse into these 6 matters from its best source.
The highest thing that you eat is honey… it originates from the vomit of bees.
The highest thing that you drink is water… every single animal drinks it too.
The highest thing that you wear is silk… it is the excretion of a worm.
The highest thing that you ride is a horse… on it men are killed.
The highest thing that you smell is musk... it is created from the mucus of a gazelle.
The highest pleasure that you get from marriage is the meeting point of where you urinate from.
Now think back again.
Is this life worth being depressed about or should we enjoy it in such a way that would allow us to obtain the best life in the Hereafter?
Blog adjourned.

3 obiter dictum:

Twiggy said...

i love honey. hmm.. i love bee puke. lol.

Shazeea said...


Makes you think of all the complicated and expensive ways we try to make ourselves happy.

two_one said...

Twiggy: haha. ur gross!
Shazeea: whatever we do, semua orang punya kentut busuk juga akhirnya... haha!