Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Exam Shazzam!

Exams this semester is super duper tough. I am so glad that the assignments given this semester had a lot to do with the exams so it was like killing and torturing 6 subjects with 6 assignments. But seriously, the subjects are a really really tough to me. 
Risk Management and Takaful & Actuarial Practices are the two toughest ones. The calculations and philosophy that entails it literally tortured a number of my brain cells. Then comes Managing Islamic Financial Institution where it is so general that you don't know head or tail what to understand and where to begin memorizing.
I can't wait to finish my exams, enjoy a few days of holiday with my family and get back in full throttle to work next year!
Well, got to get back studying how to calculate the number of people expected to die or fall ill in a year to know how much premium should be charged to a takaful participant.
My lecturer said in class that the only difference between and Actuary and a Mafia Head is that an Actuary can only tell HOW MANY people are going to die in a year but a Mafia Head can tell WHO is going to die.
I hope I can remember the substance of his lecture and not only his jokes for the exams!
Blog adjourned.
*I call this the act of balancing knowledge at the tip of your nose. Fingers are too common!*

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Raihana said...

hi there. tomorrow i got Islamic Law exam. on my way --> cracking head :)

two_one said...

Hi Miss :), i have Takaful and Actuarial Practices tomorrow as well. my head is already cracked open. Now am stuffing it with the necessary information before i glue it back again tonight. LoL!