Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back In KL Yo!!!

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It is certainly great to be back at work! 1 year break from work is just nice.
Currently I am back as a Senior Assistant Registrar serving the High Court at Kuala Lumpur (Muamalat Division). I will be here for 6 months to undergo my Articleship for my CIFP. I guess my Deputy Registrar and I would be the first two from the Judiciary with CIFP. Alhamdulillah.
My colleagues here have been very helpful. They are also kind enough to take some time to teach me the ways of the Case Management System (CMS) in Kuala Lumpur.
(*thanks to Anon for the correction :)  )
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Yes- CMS!
Damn KL is super high tech! I needed about 2 weeks to be familiar with the software and now I think I am just getting used to it. Although there are many other functions that I have yet learned how to use but the basics are well covered though.
 *Give me a Computer with Internet connection and I can be in this room for hours*

*Imagine the fact that I have to summarize those thick files into 2 pages*
I remember when I was here in 2007 back when there were no CMS / CRT or what not. My staff would scream for the file name and lawyers didn’t even have proper seats to wait for their cases to be called. I mentioned before back then that they should have a system where you just click a button and the case number would be called out like in banks.
Fast forward to 2011, now even the minutes are on the intranet and I could manage cases without having the physical file before me. With online planners and cause lists, I don’t have to carry a diary to look for free dates and any directions given are available online which could be viewed by judges, officers and staffs for follow up. It may be a bit slow for the officers to key in the details but heck; it makes life so much easy thereafter.
I still remember back in 2009 when all these arrangement were discussed at the HQ and all sorts of obstacles had to be removed. I am just so glad that it was managed to push through.
Big Boss! Ni memang terbaik!
Workload is different from before. The bulk of which are issues related to debt recovery in Islamic Finance. Plus some research and drafting of opinions in Administrative Law as well. Thank God for the rigorous training, exposure and coaching from the Big Boss and at KLRCA, adapting to the new workload is not that difficult.
As usual, there is so much you can do when you are in Service which requires some extra effort. Resource is abundance and it is just a matter of wanting to do it or not. I guess that would be a good demarcation of a developing officer and a stagnant one. I must work hard and play hard as well since I hope not to fall under the latter category!
Blog adjourned.

2 obiter dictum:

Anonymous said...

welkambek...! so good the system is, and it's still expanding, can u imagine the hardship tht ev'one had 2 endure along d way b4 it cld be implemented? seriously it was some kind of hell :-D with hilariously hell bosses and hell time constraints and hell ignorance staffs too...and it's more difficult when u're new 2d place and right when u step on it, u had to get involve and pretend to kow evthg when u know nothing at all - neither the people nor the principle. but it's been 2 yrs (alhamdulillah) and the system and us are getting better. well, actually cms stands for case management system. and the qms in silver light was only introduced last yr. in 2009 we still use manual que system whereby interpreters had to scream calling the lawyers for cases b4 the management team.Historically, commercial div used other vendor's services for the cms and formis was based in civil.but they won the tender somehow.the 2 yrs historical backgrnd of the tracking system cld'nt be summarised in this short space like those thick files, but anyway the sacrifices worth more than anythg the audio conferencing. cambest je dengarnya kan...

two_one said...

Anon: yup. agreed. in the beginning, there were four companies who were given the opportunity to test their system for 3 months. then the HQ had a meeting with all stakeholders and decided to go with Formis. roller coster giler kan for 2 years? haha. sebaik aku lompat masuk wagon sekarang. hehe.