Friday, January 14, 2011



I could never thank Him enough for all that He has given to me.

From the time He instilled the idea into my heart to embark on my CIFP journey.

How He showed me the way and wisdom to approach it.

How He placed obstacles and rejection only to open the way through His Mighty Powers and Kindness.

How He made it difficult and provided easiness from within such hardship.

How He made it tough and then elevates me to levels which I never imagine I would finally be.

How He showed me the goals and allowed me, with His Mercy, to obtain it.

How He made me hardworking only to reward me with great success.

How can I ever thank You for all of Your Kindness and Mercy upon me…


Results for my CIFP course was out last week and Alhamdulillah I think I did quite a good job. My mom accurately predicted my results about two weeks ago much to my surprise. She must’ve been studying my reactions for the whole year and made some rough calculation at how well I would rate. Amazing! Mom’s can be so magical when dealing with their children.

Honestly, I could not have done without the support from my beloved parents, bride, family and friends (at INCEIF as well as outside of INCEIF).

I am indeed very happy that I made my father proud with my results. Undeniably, he was my Dean at INCEIF but he did not have anything to do with my studies or exams at all. This is a pity to my classmates because they all wanted him to teach them but because there might be some conflict of interest, my father refrained from teaching me less some might accuse him of being biased. I felt so honoured when my parents rang me to congratulate me for my results and told me that they were proud of me. I felt like all my hard work really paid off as they were my benchmark of success. My ultimate goal of pursuing CIFP has finally hit the bull’s eye mark! I scored the best distinction when my parents were happy with my success. And trust me, their rate of success extremely high.

And for that, I am much obliged to them both. :)

It is really different to be a married student than to be a bachelor student. As a bachelor, you are not entitled to get the loving support from your Bride as how I got from my Bride. Her contribution to my success can never be calculated. It is like trying to count bubbles in your milkshake.

To me, the element of invisibility can really test your personality. To be grateful and to feel gratitude for something which you know exist but just cannot get your hands to it is to have sincerity. Just as how we are to show our gratitude to God for everything that happens to us, it is also recommended to show gratitude to the creatures of Allah that has assisted us in this life.

The Bride was and is still the most awesome person in the world to me!

She was there for me through my ups and downs. She cared for me when I was sick, when I was so bloody stressed out, when I was having writer’s block, when I was crazily cramming my head with all the necessary knowledge and many other stuff that can never be seen but one knows for certain in his heart that it exist.

Her patience, tolerance, considerations, love, kindness, support, company, help and assistance gave me the inner and outer strength to continue to push forward.

I can never thank her enough.

And for that, I humbly dedicate my CIFP success to my beloved Bride.

Thank you sayang. :)

And to Alisha, thank you for chewing that accounts page from my textbook. Thank you for disorganizing my slides, drawing your marvelous lines in notes, tapping unnecessary alphabets in my assignments, calling me to bed when I was rushing for datelines, crying as I had to leave for classes in the morning and also crying when you had to go to school as I continued to lay on our super comfortable bed because I had no class that day.

You have certainly been a great help in keeping your mommy occupied everynight and during weekends so that I could complete my assignments, study, research and FB at the same time.

Your daily big hugs and kisses mean so much to me. Don’t you ever stop giving me my daily dosages of extremely satisfying 4 seconds of happiness okay?

Daddy loves you just as much. :)

Blog adjourned.

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Twiggy said...

aawww... thank you for such a wonderful dedication, love :)

your tiny family is extremely proud of you and we love you very much!!

wifey and baby